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86 Eighty-Six Overthrows Attack on Titan in Week 10 of Winter 2022

The results for Anime Corner’s Winter 2022 Anime of the Week #10 are here, and 86 Eighty-Six made a victorious comeback to first place with episode 22! In case you missed it, the last two episodes of the series were delayed from January to March due to production issues; after a 3-month long wait, fans were not disappointed by its return.

This week, 86 Eighty-Six managed to overthrow Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 2 after 7 weeks of it taking the top spot. The former carries an impressive 19.02% of the votes, the only other anime to score such a high ratio, while the ladder holds 10.26% of the votes. You can see our top 10 chart below:

Winter 2022 Anime of the Week | Week 10

In this beautifully animated episode (courtesy of A-1 Pictures), Shin finally meets Lena in person, which was an extremely anticipated moment throughout the entire series and hinted in the second opening as well. The two have a heartwarming conversation as Lena declares that the Spearhead Squadron inspired her to fight until the end. We are also able to see Frederica’s meaningful character development and wholesome interactions between Shin and his comrades. Director Toshimasa Ishii masterfully directed these scenes in episode 22 and was a key contributor to the positive impression on fans this week.

The final episode of 86 Eighty-Six will be included in our 11th Anime of the Week poll, and you can vote for it here.

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