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86: Eighty Six Part 2 Release Date Revealed

Release date for the part 2 of 86: Eighty Six anime has been officially revealed. The second cour, which is now referred to as season 2, will air in October 2021.

The announcement came during a special broadcast that aired on June 26th, 2021 although the second cour was confirmed before. The first part of 86: Eighty Six finished airing on June 20th, but the story didn’t cover the entire 1st volume. This led to the author of the light novel warning fans on Twitter against reading the epilogue, since it contains spoilers.

A-1 Pictures animated the first cour, which had 11 episodes. Toshimasha Ishii directed the anime, while Tetsuya Kawakami did character designs. In addition, Kohta Yamamoto and Hiroyuki Sawano composed the OST. The story is based on a light novel by Asato Asato, with Shirabi’s illustrations.

The plot of set in the republic of San Magnolia, which has been at war with a neighboring country for years. Giadian Empire has an army of unmanned drones, something San Magnolia struggles to achieve. However, after years of research, they are finally able to do it. The war is now safer for the people of San Magnolia.. But, that is just what the government is saying because, in reality, only people from their 85 territories are safe. The 86th territory doesn’t officially exist, and its citizens fight in the war while piloting the “unmanned” drones.

You can watch the teaser PV for 86: Eighty Six season 2 below:

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