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86 Reasons Why You Should Watch 86 Eighty-Six

49. Rewatchable

Some may think dialogue-driven anime aren’t re-watchable but 86 Eighty-Six is an exception. Not long after finishing it, you’ll have this urge to go back and re-watch just in case you missed anything. That, and because it’s just that good of a series.

48. Airs on Saturdays

Couldn’t ask for a better day of the week to watch anime. Simple as that. Cour 2 begins airing this Saturday, October 3! (Now that Season 1 is over, you can binge-watch the entire season in a day!)

47. Can Watch on CR

Crunchyroll is the exclusive site to stream 86 Eighty-Six and you more than likely have a subscription to them right now. So go watch the series!

46. Dubbed in Five Different Languages

86 Eighty-Six has dubbed versions in English, Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese. The best part is that all of them have also finished recording for Season 1!

45. Easy Binge

The first cour of the series has 11 episodes while the second cour has 12. While viewers that watched it when it was airing had to wait for certain episodes, if you’re just getting into the series now, the story flows much better!

44. One of the Best Series of 2021

86 Eighty-Six came in third during our Spring “Anime of the Season” poll and ended up beating out powerhouses such as Tokyo Revengers and To Your Eternity. The series is also the third highest-rated sci-fi series of 2021 behind Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song and Megalo Box: NOMAD.

43. Heroic moments

In any sort of anime with battles, all fans can agree that heroic moments are almost always the best part of the series. Are these moments the best parts of 86 Eighty-Six? Well, that’s up to you. But one could say they definitely there.

42. Brutal Moments

With a dark series like 86 Eighty-Six, there come brutal moments. Some are jaw-dropping while others you may even have to look away while it happens. So I would not recommend letting young children watch this series.

41. Corruption

Do you know what never fails to create interesting scenarios in anime? Corruption. Whether it’s a country, government, a group of people, or a single person, corruption makes stories interesting. Luckily for the viewers, 86 Eighty-Six has corruption from top to bottom.

40. Different Kind of War

86 Eighty-Six intertwines two aspects that are very common in sci-fi movies and series and creates something completely new and unique. What those two things are, I’ll leave you, the viewer, to find out. But it involves a brutal war.

86-Eighty Six Part 1

39. Mecha Themes

86 Eighty-Six isn’t classified as a mecha anime nor should it be. But it does have slight mecha themes that are actually portrayed very well. They aren’t thrown into the viewer’s faces but they are indeed there and they create bizarre, yet amazing moments.

38. Extremely Dark Undertones

The anime itself is already dark so you’ll probably wonder “how does a dark anime have dark undertones?” 86 Eighty-Six gives an experience you can’t describe when it comes to this aspect. You just have to watch to understand.

37. Hidden Layers

86 Eighty-Six surpasses the definition of face value. There are few things in the series that don’t involve diving deeper into. As number 38 on this list states, it’s something better understood by watching the series.

36. Outstanding Contrast

Add this to the list of things the 86 Eighty-Six series manages to accomplish, especially with the two main characters. No matter where you look, there is contrast at every level of the series. And for those of you who know who want to go into scriptwriting and storytelling, outstanding contrast is crucial to a great story.

35. Scenic Art is Beautiful

Big shoutout to Masanobu Nomura, Yumi Horikoshi, and the whole art team for 86 Eighty-Six because the scenic work is beautiful and deserves so much more praise.

86-Eighty Six Part 1

34. Messed Up Social Structure

The social structure in 86-Eighty Six is incredibly messed up down to the cause of it all. This aspect of 86 Eighty-Six provides a solid foundation for the setting and all the characters in it. One of the many reasons here to give the series a watch.

33. Names Actually Relate to Who They Are As a Person

That’s just how detailed this series is. For example, the name “Kurena” means “crimson/deep red.” In the series, she has dark red hair. “Raiden” means “good spirit”, which is a perfect description of his character. Even more so, these kinda character traits actually play a role in who they are and where they grew up.

32. Everything and Everyone is Connected

Believe it or not, everyone’s road led them to where they are in the series. And 86 Eighty-Six doesn’t shy away from showing you this either when it gets into the characters and their backstories. Some were forced down this road, others chose it. But it’s all connected.

31. Much Left Untouched

The entire 23 episodes of 86 Eighty-Six so far adapted the first two volumes of the light novel, and the epilogue of volume three. There are currently 11 volumes out right now with more to come. So there’s so much more in store.

30. The Best Has Yet To Come

If your friends were hyped about the first season, and they kept bugging you to watch it, just know, 86 Eighty-Six hasn’t even hit its peak yet despite being one of the most popular and dramatic new anime in the past two years.

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