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A Girl & Her Guard Dog Episode 10 - The Realization

A Girl & Her Guard Dog episode 10 wasn’t the greatest; it was kind of slow despite it managing to tie up some loose ends. Some points felt like little more than memory recaps that weren’t particularly important, but it was okay. I sensed a filler vibe for this episode, and while there were cute moments, the animation didn’t quite deliver.

After a recap of the last episode, episode 8 began with Isaku and her classmates celebrating. Isaku noticed something different in the classroom and her friends explained that since the play, people have started to form couples. Her friends also ask about her status with Keiya and if they are together as a couple. Isaku thought about the moments from the play and the kiss that happened, and when she wondered what Keiya was doing, she saw him talking to Mikio. Later in the hallway, Isaku and Mikio had a silent moment, mentioning that even if he left, Isaku would still be unsafe because of Keiya. Isaku had flashbacks of her kidnapping, but eventually realized her true feelings for Keiya. She then thanked Mikio for helping her confirm her feelings for Keiya.

Later, Keiya and Isaku enjoyed the school festival, getting desserts from a class cafe. Overhearing people thinking they were dating, Isaku wondered what Keiya thought, considering their on-stage chemistry. They explored a haunted passage and Keiya scared someone who tried to scare Isaku. They also visited a fortune teller who predicted both hope and potential trouble for Isaku. Keiya decided to leave, confident in his ability to keep her safe. While leaving, they encountered Kaori, one of Keiya’s associates. Kaori hugged Isaku, triggering Isaku’s realization that Kaori was the woman from episode 3. Kaori explained she wanted to see how Keiya was at school and left after a brief chat.

As the festival neared its end, Keiya invited Isaku to watch the closing fireworks outside, but she preferred to stay inside. While watching the fireworks, Isaku asked if Kaori was Keiya’s girlfriend, to which he replied no. After a silent moment, he asked if she was jealous, and she denied it. Keiya then embraced her, calling her cute, and mentioned how she’s the only one who can make him sit or stay, comparing himself to a not-well-behaved dog. A Girl & Her Guard Dog episode 10 concluded with them looking at each other as fireworks lit up the sky.

Overall, I think this episode was okay. I am not the best fan, and it felt somewhat like a filler episode. This episode could have been better if more effort was put into the animation, as I’ve mentioned in my previous articles, especially concerning facial expressions and matching lips. However, the last few seconds caught my attention when they looked at each other during the fireworks. I thought they might kiss; maybe they will in the next episode, but I wouldn’t expect anything too deep from this episode.

I give this episode of A Girl & Her Guard Dog episode 10 a 5/10. If you enjoyed the episode, vote for it in the weekly polls.

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