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A Haikyuu!! Town Exists In Real Life

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Haruichi Furudate’s “Haikyuu!!” manga series is one of the most popular sports stories, and most fans have also enjoyed its anime adaptation. But did you know that the environment in Haikyuu was themed after a town that exists in real life? It’s called Karumai and is located in the Iwate Prefecture, Japan. Our friends from Mipon took a trip there, and they took pictures of some amazing locations which actually made it into the anime! For example, the store where Hinata first saw the poster of the Little Giant and later a poster of himself:

There is a LOT of stuff Haikyuu!! fans can appreciate there, from posters and merchandise to more locations from the show. You can learn way more + hear about the best place to visit there in the full video! Watch:

They’ve also sent some awesome photos featuring stuff Haikyuu fans dream about! For example:

Haikyuu real life town image

There are even meals inspired by the franchise!

Haikyuu town real life image

Some more images, not to forget Oikawa fans:

And just look at how many things there are on these!

Huge thanks to Mipon for sending us these images, and make sure to check out the full video for way more info! Every Haikyuu fan should add visiting the real life town (Karumai) on their to-do lists!

They also told us about an upcoming Haikyuu!! exhibition in Japan, starting on December 26th!

Source: Mipon

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