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Haikyuu!! Exhibition To Open In Japan

The manga may be over, but the anime is still going strong! Haruichi Furudate’s “Haikyuu!!” franchise is beloved by many, and fans will be able to visit a Haikyuu exhibition in Japan soon. It will be held in Tokyo on the 9th floor of Shibuya Hikarie, and it opens on December 26th to last until January 17, 2021. They will showcase some of Haruichi-sensei’s manuscripts, as well as newly drawn official visuals for the event.

There will be dedicated corners for some of the iconic scenes from the series:

In addition, original drawings for the exhibition will also be shown:

There is also a voice guide for 850 yen, and fans can choose one of the characters [Hinata, Kageyama, Oikawa, Ushijima, Osamu, Kenma, Korai and Bokuto] to accompany them (via their voice actors of course). Depending on the day, visitors will be given a free drawn illustration from one of the options.

There will also be a lot of merchandise related to the franchise on sale. It includes adorable pouches (key/mask/random):

Also cups featuring different teams:

Adorable face badges:

A commemorative ball and T-Shirt as well:

That’s only a part of the Haikyuu!! exhibition, and you can also read about a Jujutsu Kaisen cafe here!

Big thanks to Mipon for letting me know about this!

Source: Official Haikyuu Exhibition website
© Haruichi Furudate / Shueisha

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