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A Japanese Man Killed His Parents For "Disturbing His Anime Sessions"

A 59-year-old Japanese man was arrested under the suspicion of leaving the bodies of his parents inside a refrigerator. Apparently, the man killed his parents beforehand for disturbing his anime sessions. According to the Nishi Nippon Shimbun, he left the bodies at his residence in Fukuoka City last month. On July 4, 2021, police detained a Junji Matsumoto in the parking lot of a hotel in Kyoto. What’s more, after the arrest, Matsumoto admitted the allegations.

The residence in which the bodies of parents that the man killed for disturbing his anime sessions were found

After entering the residence, the officers found the bodies inside the glass-door industrial refrigerator. The police also confirmed those were the bodies of the suspect’s parents, Hirokazu (88 years old), and Makie (87 years old). The police believe that Junji Matsumoto killed his parents due to the stress born from having to care for them. His father was hospitalized, and his mother was in a wheelchair.

The suspect said, “Every time my parents asked me to take care of them, I had to interrupt the anime I was watching. I couldn’t stand it anymore”. Apparently, his father asked him to take him and his wife to the bathroom. When it comes to the reason for killing his mother, Junji said, “I killed her because she saw me kill her husband, and I felt sorry for her to be left alone”.

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Source: Yahoo! News Japan
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