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A Journey Through Another World Anime Premieres on July 7

A Journey Through Another World: Raising Kids While Adventuring anime will premiere in Japan on July 7 with two episodes and early streaming on U-NEXT and Anime Hodai, which will continue at a rate of one episode per week. The upcoming isekai anime was announced in November 2023. Studio EMT Squared is animating, with Atsushi Nigorikawa as the director.

A Journey Through Another World – Anime Visual | July 8 Premiere Date

Aina Suzuki and Miharu Hanai play the twin roles of Allen and Elena. Yusuke Shirai and Haruka Tomatsu are also part of the cost, voicing Takumi and Sylphyleel respectively. The opening theme song for the anime is “Yururing Travel days” by Tebasaki Sensation. The ending song is “MAKUAKE” by GOHOBI, which you can hear in the trailer below.

A Journey Through Another World: Raising Kids While Adventuring anime is based on the light novel written by Shizuru Minazki. AlphaPolis published the first volume with illustrations by Yamakawa in April 2017. Tomomi Mizuna launched a manga adaptation on AlphaPolis’ website in January 2018. The manga is available at Alpha Manga, which describes the story:
Takumi gets accidentally killed by the wind god Syl and is reborn and summoned to another world. After giving Takumi his sincerest apologies, Syl grants Takumi with skills and sends him to the world Etelldia that Syl presides over. However, this new world is a vast forest filled with dangerous monsters… In the forest, Takumi finds a young boy and girl who appear to be twins. He is worried about their safety and names them Alan and Elena, and decides to take care of them. He soon finds out to his surprise they are able to defeat a monster with their bare hands. The three of them reach a town, and Takumi decides to register at a guild to make a living. He begins his life as an adventurer while taking care of the two children. An isekai fantasy about an adventurer with two kids!

The staff for the anime includes:

  • Original Work: Minazuki Shizuru (Published by Alphapolis) 
  • Original Illustrations: Yamakawa  
  • Manga: Tomomi Mizuna 
  • Director: Atsushi Nigorikawa 
  • Series Composition: Atsushi Maekawa 
  • Character Design:Yuuki Nakano 
  • Art Director: Satoru Kuwabara 
  • Color Design: Mika Iwami 
  • Director of Photography: Nozomi Shitara 
  • Sound Director: Hiroto Morishita 
  • Sound Effects: Yoko Sakurai 
  • Sound Mixer: Masato Muto 
  • Assistant Sound Mixer: Risako Yamada 
  • Recording Studio: Three S Studio 
  • Music: Akinari Suzuki 
  • Editing: Motoki Niimi (REAL-T) 
  • Production Studio: EMT Squared 
  • Production Cooperation: Bros.Bird 
  • Produced by Genco 

Source: Press Release, Official Website
©Shizuru Minazuki,Alphapolis/Yururi Project

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