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Top 5 Mixed-Media Units Worth Checking Out in 2024

While one can be forgiven for thinking mixed-media artists are nothing but money-grabs, some music units are truly worth checking out. Now I know, that whenever a weeb hears the phrase “mixed-media,” the reaction isn’t the best. Many of us have gacha-inspired PTSD flashbacks of endless rolls that failed to give us that one coveted pull. But, one shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss artistic content from these franchises. Some solid artists got their start in projects like these and some of these units went on to become household names. Whether they have real-life counterparts or are limited to their shows and games

Whether you’re a fan of the franchise is irrelevant. Talent is talent, and it matters little if a performer is plying their trade on a subway station or selling out stadiums. Likewise, it doesn’t matter if that artist is just pixels on a screen or a person on a stage. If they’re presenting something that moves you, that speaks for itself. And, with substantial financial backing (which mixed-media projects usually have,) not only do you get solid performances: you’re almost always guaranteed top-notch sound quality. So, if you’re on the search for new music, or just have a few minutes to kill then look no further: we compiled these 5 mixed-media units that are worth checking out.

Peaky P-Key (D4DJ Franchise)

© 2018 Bushiroad

Part of the Dig Delight Direct Drive DJ franchise, Peaky P-Key features in both seasons of the anime and associated games. A four-girl DJ/vocal group consisting of Kyoko Yamate (lead vocals), Shinobu Inuyose (DJ, vocals), Yuka Jennifer Sasago, and Esora Shimizu. With heavy influences from dubstep, electro-pop, Eurobeat, rap, and techno. Peaky P-key is without a doubt, the party jam of this list. With multiple covers like Roselia’s “Black Shout” and body-moving singles like “Electric Chaos Countdown” already available, Peaky P-Key has enough released material to keep you dancing for hours.

Liz Noir (Idoly Pride)

© 2019 PROJECT Idoly Pride

With solos that would make Eddie Van Halen proud, and bass lines that groove from start to finish, the four-member idol group Liz Noir consists of Rio Kanzaki, Aoi Igawa, Ai Komiyama, and Kokoro Akazaki. More than any other group on this list, Liz Noir caters to people who prefer more aggressive sounding music. After all, if a comparison could be made, they are to idol groups what Baby Metal is to the metal scene. Sure, they’re cute, but the music speaks for itself.

A part of the Idoly Pride franchise, Liz Noir was featured in the anime of the same name and are playable in the Idoly Pride: Idol Manager game.

Saint Snow (Love Live! Franchise)

© 2017 PROJECT Lovelive! Sunshine!!

Debuting as the antagonist to Aqours in Love Live! Sunshine!! the sister duo Leah and Sarah Kazuno are relegated to what amounts to a side group, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less good. With guitar and synth-heavy songs, Saint Snow would find itself at home on a playlist featuring bands like Children of Bodom, Soilwork, and Ghost Brigade.

Some musicians often have time to cross genres, with attempts feeling a lack of luster or money grabs. But Saint Snow can easily switch from the pit-inducing “Dropout” to pop bangers like “Dazzling White Town.” No matter which genres you like, they’re worth listening to.

22/7 (22/7)


Are you depressed? Then the heart-tugging lyrics of 22/7 are for you. Not depressed? Don’t lie to yourself, it’s 2024 and everyone’s depressed. Dark humor aside, while musically 22/7 is the most traditional J-pop artist on their list, their lyrics go hard. A stark contrast to the usually bubbly lyrics of most idol groups. 22/7 seems to favor the inner turmoil that love, life, and dissatisfaction often bring. And they do so in a way that will have you humming along to a song you think is just another poppy banger but instead says things that would get you on a watch list.

The group has undergone several line-up changes over the years, and most of the original members have since graduated. Where this usually results in turmoil for most musicians, 22/7 is thriving.

IIIX (Idoly Pride)

© 2019 PROJECT Idoly Pride

While some may decry featuring two artists from the same franchise, there’s a good reason for this. Liz Noir may get your head bobbing, but IIIX will get your whole body moving. Consisting of members Miho, Fran, and Kana, IIIX is heavily influenced by dance, electronic, club, EDM, and techno music. Their music would be at home at a rave or a high-end clubhouse.

Exclusive to the Idol Pride: Idol Manager game, they are probably the least-known artists on this list especially because they have the least material available. But trust us when we say that you need to check them out, and you need to check them out now. These girls have a future.

And that’s it from us! Do you have a unit, band, or group featured in a mixed-media project that you would recommend? Let us know!

Featured image: IIIX, © 2019 PROJECT Idoly Pride

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