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22/7 Announces 12 Single "Atode Wakaru Koto"

Multimedia idol group 22/7 announced their 12 single “Atode Wakaru Koto” (You Will Understand Later). Releasing through Sony Music, the group’s twelfth single is slated for a May 5 release and will include six songs. Three new recordings and the instrumental versions of the songs.

  1. “Atode Wakaru Koto”
  2. “Shunrai no Koro”
  3. “Mo Sukoshi Ikite Minai Ka”

Four versions of the single will be available; limited editions A and B, including a Blu-ray performance of the “22/7 Character ‘s Theater 2023,” which was the group’s 2D 7-anniversary show, and two random character trading cards. These versions will retail for ¥ 7000 (~ USD 46.)

The First production limited edition will be a Blu-ray that includes the making of “22/7 Character ‘s Theater 2023” and will retail for ¥ 1850 (~ USD 12.) The regular edition of the single will retail at ¥ 1250 (~ USD 8.) Exclusive purchases will be available at different physical and online points of sale. These include posters, tin badges, postcards, and acrylic key chains.

Available on Crunchyroll. 22/7‘s (Nanabun no Nijyuuni) anime adaptation tells the story of how the anime version of the idol group came to be. When several different girls get a mysterious letter informing them that they have been chosen for a new project, they’re confused to learn that their upcoming idol careers will be directed by what seems to be a sentient wall. Despite this absurdity, the group presses onward towards their time in the limelight.

22/7 Offical Trailer

Currently, in its second generation, the group has seen various lineup changes and now consists of original members;

  • Sakura Fujima (VA Sally Amaki)
  • Nicole Saito (VA Uta Kawase)
  • Miu Takigawa (VA Nagomi Saijo)
  • Sora Nishiura (VA Nao Aikawa)
  • Touko Kiryu (VA Mao Asaoka)
  • Sumika Orihara (VA Satsuki Shiina)
  • Hotaru Ichinose (VA Luna Shijo)
  • Mizuki Himuro (VA Emma Tsukirishiro)
  • Honoka Sera (VA Rino Mochizuki)

The group performs live as their 2D personas and as their 3D counterparts and was part of the “22/7 Keisanchu” variety show alongside comedian Sanshiro. The project also previously had a mobile game titled “22/7 Ongaku no Jikan.”

Source: Nanabun no Nijyuuni Mobile

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