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Kessoku Band Heads to Singapore With Concert Screening

Kessoku Band is heading to Singapore as Aniplus announced it will be bringing the screening of Bocchi the Rock! Kessoku Band – Fixed Star- Concert to cinemas in the country on May 11. While the details such as screening times and locations are yet to be announced, this represents another win for the introverted pink-haired guitarist and her cohorts! The recorded live show took place on May 21, 2023, at Zepp Haneda in Tokyo and was streamed online for a limited time. The music can also be found on streaming sites.

It’s important to note that this is a theatrical screening of a pre-recorded live show featuring the live musicians for Kessoku Band and not a live concert or 2D concert. While Hasegawa Ikumi (Kita Ikuyo) still handles vocals. The instruments are performed by;

Osamu Hidai / Drums
Ritsuo Mitsui / Guitars
Akkin / Guitars
Yūichi Takama / Bass Guitar

Didn’t know that Kessoku Band played live? Or maybe just hadn’t seen any live videos? Check out the one below posted by Aniplex’s official Youtube channel;

CloverWorks’ adaptation of Bocchi the Rock manga came out of nowhere, as the underdog of the season. It didn’t take long: no matter where you were, or what you were doing, it was all you could hear about. To this day, some people still get clammy when they see the colors pink, blue, and yellow in the same vicinity, and for good reason. Capturing the essence of music in anything is difficult. Much more so when it’s from the perspective of someone who’s not a typical rock star.

Yet, Bocchi The Rock perfectly captures all the nuances of being a musician while not over-glamorizing or idolizing the grind associated with the craft. It’s a beautiful nod to those who consider music as much a part of themselves as they do their own arm.

While initially picking up an instrument with ambitions of friendship and glory, when the opportunity to join a band presents itself, Hitori “Bocchi” Gotou is at first apprehensive. Her lack of social skills impedes pretty much everything she does. But as she realizes that this band and the stage they share might end up being her home, she devotes her heart and soul to trying to be part of something she’s genuinely come to love. And now that Kessoku Bands heads to Singapore you can drop by one of their screenings and fall in love with Kessoku Band again.

Source: Aniplus Official Facebook Page
© Aki Hamaji / Hobunsha, Aniplex

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