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Spy x Family Comes to PUBG Mobile

You may not have asked for another reason to play PUBG Mobile, but you still got it as the Forgers are now live as part of the PUBG Mobile and Spy x Family collab! Teased on March 5 and officially announced on March 7, the current collab will run from April 12 to May 13. During the event period, Loid and Yor are available through the “Twilight Set” and the “Thorn Princess Set.” Special weapons such as the “Yor Stilettos’ and the new “Blade Sublime” emote are also available.

Alongside these, various Spy x Family-themed items are available. These include the adorable, must-have, and cannot live-without Bond Glider, a chimera ornament based on Anya’s stuffed teddy bear, a Bond-themed ornament, the little pink gremlin’s hairstyle, a Spy x Family-themed parachute, and a Spy x Family-themed Dacia, which, if you drove around in real life, you’d either get all the girls or relentlessly bullied. All of these are collected via a Forger family-styled crate.

During the Spy x Family PUBG Mobile Collab a theme Prized Path is also available. Once activated, it rewards you with the Spy x Family-themed Dacia and unlocks tasks to earn additional points towards Spy x Family prizes. Once players reach level 20, a special Prize Path is unlocked. This gifts them their preferred character’s set a reward. And alongside that, you get some sweet perks like the Bond Glider. Once all collab items are collected, players receive exclusive rewards such as a themed social player card, avatar, or avatar frame.

And if all that wasn’t enough, as part of the promotional event, 16 lucky players who participated in the Twitter campaign can win an iPad Pro, a ¥5000 Amazon Gift Card, or a PUBG goodie bag.

Streaming on Crunchyroll, Spy x Family is a tale of deceit, love, family, and loyalty to the country. To carry out his mission, famed Westalis spy Twilight (Loid Forger) adopts a pretend family. But unknown to him, his seemingly docile and reserved wife is a skilled assassin. And his daughter, while possessing psychic powers, has the IQ of a sapient peanut.

And while Twilight tells himself that his newfound life is nothing but pretend. What we’d like things to be, and what they actually are, never really combine. Spy x Family is the type of show that if it were a live show, would be a telenovela on Telemundo.

A mobile version of the famed PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, directly inspired by Battle Royal. PUBG Mobile is a “free-to-play” game that players can enjoy as a solo game or a team game. The game is published by Tencent Holdings Ltd, VGN Corp, and Krafton Inc.

Source: Press Release
©Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha/SPY X FAMILY Production Committee

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