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Ai Higuchi Explains Massarana Daichi's Connection to Attack on Titan's Final Season

After the broadcast of episode 84 of Attack on Titan, Ai Higuchi spoke up about inspiration for “Massarana Daichi” – the second song from the “Akuma no Ko” single release. The song was written after she read the manga and was inspired by the scene in which Jean clashes with Reiner, while Gabi apologizes.

The second half of the “Akuma no Ko” single, “Massarana Daichi”, was created after reading today’s scene. I wrote it because I read Attack on Titan and thought that only the children were apologizing to each other. If you have heard “Akuma no Ko”, please listen to “Massarana Daichi” as well.

Ai Higuchi, Twitter

Massarana Daichi” title means “Fresh Earth” while the lyrics contain themes that are connected to the Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 storyline. The lyrics are filled with yearning for freedom (“Is this the freedom you talked about”), themes of being protected by loved ones, but also “beautiful world”, which is a line mentioned by Mikasa early on in the series. She states that this world is “beautiful, but also cruel” and this becomes somewhat of a mantra for her. A few other lines also sound like things Mikasa has said in the past: “By believing I was the only one who understood you, I was able to live bravely“. The song ends with dark and sad undertones: “Until this world is filled with life again, I can’t smile“.

Ai Higuchi’s “Akuma on Ko” (Child of Evil) is currently the ending theme for the Attack on Titan anime. The song centers around Eren and his feelings, while also touching upon themes of freedom and protecting loved ones. Considering that the Attack on Titan ending sequence contains scenes of destruction, it will be interesting to see how the two songs fully connect after the anime ends.


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