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Akari Kitou Drew Tsukasa Yuzaki from Tonikaku Kawaii

Akari Kitou drew her very own character, Tsukasa Yuzaki, from Tonikaku Kawaii which was shown on the official Twitter account of the series. Moreover, Akarin (her nickname) illustrated Tsukasa in her Pajamas which was shown in episode 2 of the series. She also commented on her illustration and here’s a translation of what she said regarding her drawing:

Tsukasa wearing pajamas in Tonikaku Kawaii…
Girls in pajama are good, aren’t they?
I guess she has a good scent…
It’s a privilege of Nasa-kun, Tsukasa’s husband,
that he’s able to see Tsukasa being relaxed in pajama with a carefree face.

Source: Tonikawa Twitter

More of Akari Kitou

Aside from Tsukasa, Akarin also drew some of her previous characters. One of them is Kaho Hinata from Blend S series. She made the illustration on the left for the second episode of the series. The middle illustration was shown during the Blend S Christmas live stream. Lastly, the illustration on the right (the one with colors) is where she drew Kaho for the mangaka of Blend S – Miyuki Nakayama.

Here are also some of her works from her other roles. She drew Nene Yashiro from Hanako-Kun (left) and even had a TikTok video of her doing it. In her spare time, she drew Kanata Konoe (center) from Love Live Nijigasaki and Momo Chiyoda (right) from Machikado Mazoku. Lastly, to commemorate the final episode of In/Spectre, she drew her character Kotoko Iwanaga (bottom).

Her own characters aren’t the only ones that Akarin illustrates. She has multiple illustrations of other characters and her own original creation as well. Below are a few samples and you can find more of her works in one of our posts on the Anime Corner Facebook page here.

Akarin is indeed a beautiful and talented person and aside from an amazing illustrator, she’s also a stunning voice actress and a spectacular singer. She voiced and represented a few iconic characters in anime and released multiple singles since last year. In addition, this year she released her first album entitled Style also performed her first-ever live tour called “Colorful Closet”. Furthermore, you can read more about her latest single and cover here.

Akari Kitou truly is a wonderful and talented artist and we can’t wait for more Akarin in the future.

Anime Corner’s Feature for Akari Kitou

Source: Tonikaku Kawaii Twitter, Akari Kitou Twitter

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