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Best Boy of the Year Rankings – 2021

The results for Anime Corner’s Best Boy of the Year for 2021 are finally here, and it may not come as a surprise to many that Izumi Miyamura from Horimiya took the top spot. Miyamura won over 5% of the votes cast by 91,744 people. Similar to the Best Girl poll, nominees were picked from the seasonal polls – top 10 from each season. If a nominee ranked more than once, we included the characters that ranked after 10th place.

Kyo Soma, from the highly popular Fruits Basket, ranked second, followed by everyone’s favorite Flame Hashira in 3rd place. Attack on Titan’s Eren Jeager may not fit the definition of the “best boy” but he came in 4th, followed by Levi. Rimuru is the top-ranked slime on the list, with Tanjiro Kamado right behind him in 7th place. Rudy came in 8th, followed by Subaru (Re:Zero), and The Duke of Death.

1stIzumi Miyamura5.02%
2ndKyo Soma4.86%
3rdKyoujurou Rengoku4.82%
4thEren Jaeger4.12%
5thLevi Ackerman3.83%
6thRimuru Tempest3.83%
7thTanjiro Kamado3.69%
8thRudy Greyrat3.38%
9thSubaru Natsuki3.33%
10thThe Duke3.3%
11thManjiro “Mikey” Sano2.72%
15thArmin Arlert2.45%
16thIzuku Midoriya2.42%
17thShoto Todoroki2.4%
18thKen “Draken” Ryuguji2.31%
20thBaji Keisuke2.25%
21stTakt Asahina2.23%
22ndChifuyu Matsuno2.18%
25thLugh Tuatha Dé2.12%
26thShinei Nouzen2.12%
27thUesugi Futaro2.09%
28thBakugo Katsuki1.9%
29thSouta Kazama1.87%
30thIruma Suzuki1.87%
31stYuki Soma1.81%
32ndTakemichi Hanagaki1.71%
33rdRuijerd Superdia1.69%
35thHatsuharu Soma1.58%
36thTadano Hitohito1.44%
37thInosuke Hashibira1.44%
38thNaoto Hachioji1.35%
39thMakoto Misumi1.19%
40thRyo Amakusa1.05%
Best Boy of the Year 2021 Rankings

And that is the Best Boy of 2021 list, according to the Anime Corner voters. Who was your favorite?

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