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Best Girl of the Year Rankings - 2021

The results for the Anime Corner Best Girl of 2021 poll are in and with votes counted, we finally have a winner – Miku Nakano from The Quintessential Quintuplet 2. Over 121,718 people voted in the poll, bringing this number higher than even the Anime of the Year 2021 vote tally.

Nominees were picked from the voted top 10 best girls from each season. If a nominee showed up in multiple seasons, we included characters that ranked after tenth place.

The second and fourth place also went to The Quintessential Quintuplets 2, namely to Nino and Miko. Tohru Honda is in third, while Mieruko-chan‘s Miko Yotsuya is in fourth and Mushoku Tensei’s Roxy is in the 5th. Emilia from Re:Zero managed to win not only Subaru’s heart but also enough votes to rank in 6th place. Hori Kyouko (Horimiya) was 7th, while Alice (The Duke of Death and His Maid) followed in 8th spot. Vladilena Milizé, who won the seasonal title for Spring 2021, was 9th, followed by Summer 2021 winner, Siesta.

1stMiku Nakano6.31%
2ndNino Nakano4.27%
3rdTohru Honda4.02%
4thMiko Yotsuya3.92%
5thRoxy Migurdia3.62%
7thHori Kyouko3.31%
8thAlice Lendrott3.15%
9thVladilena Milizé3.14%
12thSayu Ogiwara2.95%
13thEris Greyrat2.9%
14thItsuki Nakano2.73%
15thYotsuba Nakano2.72%
16thShoko Komi2.68%
18thTouko Sakurai2.64%
19thNagatoro Hayase2.41%
20thNezuko Kamado2.41%
21stKanna Kamui2.37%
23rdMikasa Ackerman2.22%
28thDia Viekone2.03%
31stHinata Tachibana1.88%
32ndYuki Yoshikawa1.76%
33rdPieck Finger1.63%
34thMinase Nagisa1.57%
35thShino Aki1.5%
36thShirokusa Kachi1.4%
37thEiko Kawasegawa1.12%
38thAlice Kisaragi0.99%
39thRio Amakusa0.81%
Best Girl of the Year 2021 – Full Ranking

And who was the best girl of 2021 for you?

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