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Anime Spotlight: A Certain Magical Index / A Certain Series

In this week of Anime Spotlight, we are featuring one of the infamous anime series of all-time. A Certain Magical Index. Don’t worry, we will be featuring Railgun and Accelerator in this one too! So seatback and get your Level Upper for A Certain Series.

Covers for Old Testament, New Testament, and Genesis Testament

Started as a light novel by Kazuma Kamachi, in 2004, it has become one of the best selling light novels by Dengeki Bunko Imprint. To this day it is still one of the best selling light novels in Japan, exceeding over 31 million copies. Following the success of the light novels, a manga spin-off telling the story of one of the characters got serialized. In the following year, 2013, another manga spin-off was adapted, focusing on one of its characters. With the success of the original light novel, a sequel was released in 2011 titled A Certain Magical Index: New Testament. The sequel has ended in 2019 with 23 volumes. But it doesn’t stop there, another sequel has been released last February, titled A Certain Magical Index: Genesis Testament.

With the success of the light novels and manga spin-offs, of course, an anime adaptation will take place, and that’s where J.C STAFF comes in. In Fall 2008 they released the very first installment of the Toaru Series. It was titled A Certain Magical Index and had 24 episodes. After that, they released Railgun in 2009, and in 2010 the sequel for Index was released. Since then they have managed to release 7 TV anime adaptations, one movie, and several specials, and an OVA.


[Despite 80% of its 2.3 million population being students, Academy City is far more advanced than any other nation worldwide. Its residents awaken something a supernatural ability inside them, which is then ranked from Level 0 to 5. Along the lines lies Touma Kamijou, a powerless Level 0 esper. While his abilities are recognized as useless, he possesses a mysterious phenomenon known as “Imagine Breaker,” which allows his right hand to nullify any supernatural powers upon coming in contact with them. Despite that, he claims to have rotten luck due to the misfortunes that frequently happen to him.

One day, a girl calling herself Index Librorum Prohibitorum mysteriously lands on Touma’s balcony and explains to him that she is being hunted down by magicians. This leads the powerless boy to discover a whole new world—one where magic exists. With Touma facing the problems that arise from both the scientific and magical sides of the world, how will he resolve them?
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Let’s head to the point already. The series’ lore, world, and story are magnificent! The mix of science and magic sounds generic, but let me tell you one thing, everything in this series is pretty well-written. From character development and villains’ ideology to plot progression. On paper, Toaru sounds like a generic power fantasy series, though after you start watching, you’ll understand that it’s not what you thought it would be.

The characters and their interactions are also well developed. Especially the main character, Kamijou Touma. I will just say that he can possibly be the best-written main character in the light novel’s history. Again, every character in the series is well-written, they have their own spotlight throughout the series.

The story is progressing very smoothly as well. Every detail needed for the world-building will surely be there. The fight scenes are not the best when it comes to Index. Railgun, on the other hand, will surely impress. For a world that is set in a futuristic Japan where science, magic, and Biblical references take place, it is pretty well made. While watching the series, you get the feeling that it has its own genre. Toaru will give you this vibe that no other anime will give you. If you are planning on watching this series, then you don’t hesitate! This show is a must-watch!


While the world of Railgun and Accelerator focuses on the scientific side of the world, it also focuses on the two important characters showing their point of view of the events of the previous installments. The Index series focuses on it’s Magical and Biblical side, while Railgun and Accelerator focus on the scientific side. Characters in Index use magic and supernatural stuff to fight, while Railgun ones use their wits to fight. There will be fight scenes explaining how did they beat the opponent by using this scientific and logical thing, and there will be times when they will use complicated scientific stuff. As a person watching this, every explanation that was given is scientifically correct. So if you love science and also love your power fantasy mystery, then Toaru Series is the one you have to watch.

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