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Anya Goes on a Mission With Loid and Fiona in Visual for Spy x Family Episode 20

Spy x Family revealed a visual for today’s episode 20, which will introduce some new characters. One of the new characters is Fiona Frost, who will play a role in Operation Strix.

Spy x Family – Episode 20 Visual

Last week, we got to witness Yor’s skills and resolve, as she raced against time to help Anya. The popular anime is currently on its second cour of the first season. It premiered in April and the first cour had 12 episodes, while to second is set for 13. WIT Studio and CloverWorks are animating the series based on Tatsuya Endo’s manga, which is being serialized in Shonen Jump+ online platform. The plot follows a spy named Twilight who is forced to come up with a makeshift family to fulfill his mission. Viz Media licensed the manga in English.

Crunchyroll is streaming the Spy x Family anime and describes the plot as:
World peace is at stake and secret agent Twilight must undergo his most difficult mission yet—pretend to be a family man. Posing as a loving husband and father, he’ll infiltrate an elite school to get close to a high-profile politician. He has the perfect cover, except his wife’s a deadly assassin and neither knows each other’s identity. But someone does, his adopted daughter who’s a telepath!

Source: Spy x Family Official Twitter
© Tatsuya Endo, Shueisha / Spy x Family Project

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