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Aoashi Creator Celebrates Manga Milestones

The creator of Aoashi and Fermat no Ryouri manga, Yugo Kobayashi, celebrated a major milestone in terms of the copies of both series in circulation. The release of volume 34 revealed that Aoashi‘s passed 20 million copies in circulation, while Fermat no Ryouri has sold over 500k copies. Kobayashi’s message regarding Fermat no Ryouri was shared on X and reads:
Fermat no Ryouri has sold over 500,000 copies. The fact that it was able to do so despite having only 4 volumes published and irregular serialization is largely due to the influence of the drama. 2 months after the drama started, we sold nearly 200,000 copies. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the actors and staff whom I saw on set and their uncompromising dedication.

Fermat no Ryouri live-action cast

Fermat no Ryouri was one of the most-watched TV series following its debut in October 2023. A survey of the Kanto area showed that the series was watched by 5.9% of households (Video Research). Aoashi again ranked among the best-selling manga series again this year. One of the most popular Japanese manga platforms, Ameba Manga, revealed the series was the seventh-highest-selling series in the male category in 2023, ranking above My Hero Academia and Detective Conan. Aoashi was also the sixth best-selling manga in June 2023.

Fans await a continuation of the Aoashi (sometimes written as Ao Ashi) anime, with the first season done by Production I.G. The anime’s chief animation director Manabu Nakatake stoked hopes earlier this year in his post to X, saying, “I’m very happy to see that there are still so many new people who started watching the Aoashi anime and are enjoying the original work. 😆✨ I believe that if the original work becomes popular, there will be a continuation of the anime eventually, so please continue to support it m(__)m

Neither Aoashi nor Fermat no Ryouri are licensed in English, but the former is licensed for French audiences. Crunchyroll streams the Aoashi anime adaptation, describing it:
After a loss in his last junior high school soccer tourney, Ehime Prefecture’s ace player, Ashito Aoi, is devastated but in every loss there’s a victory. Tatsuya Fukuda, manager of an organization that trains students for one of the leading clubs in the J-League, sees Ashito’s raw talent and offers a tryout to his group. Together they’ll bring the youth club and Aoi’s talents to new heights!

Source: Fermat no Ryouri on X, Reddit
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