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Aquatope of White Sand Original Anime Announced

A new and original series from P.A Works entitled Aquatope of White Sand has announced its staff and casts. The director of the series will be Toshiya Shinohara who also directed Nagi no Asakura. Furthermore, Yuuko Kakihara will be in charge of the series composition. The voice actresses for the main protagonist will be Itou Miku (Miku Nakano) and Rikako Aida (Riko Sakurauchi). The series begins its broadcast in July 2021. You can check out the PV of Aquatope of White Sand below.

Official Promotional Video from DMM Pictures Youtube Channel

The key visual was also announced and a seasonal illustration was drawn for the series. You can both check them out below respectively.

Official promotional graphic for the series
Seasonal illustration for the series

As mentioned before, the series will be produced by studio P.A. Works. They are known for producing series such as Angel Beats, Charlotte, and Another. Their latest work was Kamisama ni Natta hi, an anime that had a script written by Jun Maeda himself. As we all know, their works are very good looking so we are hoping for another eye candy once again!

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Source: Aquatope Official Website

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