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Super Cub Motorbike Unveils New Key Visual

Do you love motorcycles and want to watch anime about them? Fear not, thanks to the previously announced anime adaptation for the novel Super Cub Motorbike, you will be able to do just that! Super Cub Motorbike also unveiled a new key visual and other information!

The New Super Cub Motorbike Key Visual

The anime will premiere in April 2021. Furthermore, they also announced the voice cast that will play the roles of the three main characters.

You can watch the promotional video here

The voice casts

  • Yuki Yomuchi as Koguma
  • Ayaka Nanase as Reiko
  • Natsumi Hioka as Shii Eniwa

Now that is a strong voice cast! We can’t wait for the TV anime adaptation of this novel to premiere this April!

In addition, Toshiro Fujii, the director for Boruto, will be directing the anime at Studio KAI. It was also said that the musician ZAQ is composing the music, and Honda Motor Company is cooperating as well with supervising the series! Additionally, Toshizo Nemoto, who also worked on Last Hope and Inu X Boku, will be supervising and writing the script for the series!

To know more about the upcoming anime adaptation of Super Cub Motorbike check their official website and Twitter!

Source: Super Cub Official Website
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