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Attack on Titan The Final Season Commemorates Episode 10 With Special Farm Illustrations

Besides the MAPPA illustration of Historia, there are also special farm illustrations to commemorate the latest episode of Attack on Titan! One is drawn by the episode director Kaori Makita and it features Jean and Connie at the farm. Check it out:

The animator Mushiyo drew the 2nd one, and it features the cast making the shape of a heart with their hands. You can also check that one below:

We got to see Sasha back at the farm, and her moment with Connie was priceless. Isayama reminding us of her so quickly feels kind of cruel though. It’s probably the last moments we can see them acting relaxed, and the next 6 episodes should get into us into the most serious part of the story.

Finally, Attack on Titan is an awesome Japanese manga series by Hajime Isayama. It is currently airing the 4th anime season, and you can also read the full synopsis of the story:

Over a century ago, mankind was devoured by giant beings of unknown intelligence and origin known as Titans. Creatures that eat humans alive indiscriminately and for no apparent reason. The remaining population has managed to survive the last hundred years only by building a multi-walled city capable of keeping the Titans at bay, training military recruits to patrol the perimeter and gather intelligence about their mysterious foe. Eren and Mikasa have lived a relatively peaceful life behind the city’s walls. But when a massive Titan appears, smashing the outer barrier and unleashing a wave of terror, their lives are brutally changed forever…

Besides the farm illustrations, you can read more Attack on Titan news here!

Source: Official Shingeki Twitter, Mushiyo Twitter
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