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Ai Kayano Sparks Controversy After Visiting a Shrine

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Japanese voice actress Ai Kayano sparks controversy on Chinese social media after her visit to Yasukuni Shrine. On February 11, she said in a broadcast that she visited the said shrine recently. In addition, she described her visit as comfortable and relaxing. The thing is that Yasukuni Shrine honors Japan’s most notorious war criminals. Her comments regarding her trip enraged Chinese netizens. Controversies regarding Kayano then sparked which lead to the deletion of the video from both Youtube and Twitter.

A screenshot of the video
A screenshot of the video (from Global Times)

Some Chinese netizens are canceling her and calling for a withdrawal of the animations she voiced in. However, some netizens think that this is an exaggeration. Kayano hasn’t made a statement yet regarding this issue.

Ai Kayano is known for voicing Menma from Anohana, Darkness from Konosuba, Shiro from No Game No Life, and more. Moreover, she also sang a few themes for the series she dubbed in and won the best Rookie Actresses Award in 2012. She’s celebrating her 10th anniversary in the industry this year. You can read more about it here.

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Source: Global Times

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