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Attack On Titan Trending Again After Episode 5

As expected, Attack on Titan and its episode 5 titled “Declaration of War” are trending as MAPPA delivered greatness! Fans have been hyping it ever since episode 4 aired, and the 1-week break only made us expect it more. Immediately after airing on the Japanese NHK, the hashtag #AttackOnTitan got trending on Twitter.

As fans revealed images and the English release got closer, it only got more people talking about it. Shortly around the English release, 3 hashtags had already gone viral:

Well, it was to be expected with what happened in the episode. Although it only set up for the next one and the fun is just starting. I’m already eager for the next episode! It also blew up on Reddit, getting over 12k upvotes and 550+ awards in just about 5 hours!

Reminder that before episode 5, Attack on Titan was also trending after its Final Season debut. Back then, hashtags Shingeki no Kyojin, MAPPA, and Shingeki no OP were all viral and it was obviously not the end of it. Next episode titled “The Warhammer Titan” will premiere on January 17, and it will surely be worth talking about as well.

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