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Bang Dream! Ave Mujica Reveals Teaser Visual and Trailer

The upcoming BanG Dream! Ave Mujica revealed a new teaser visual and trailer featuring all five members of the band on Thursday. The announcement was made during the BanG Dream! Summer Grand Announcement 2024 live stream held on the franchise’s official YouTube channel. Bang Dream! Ave Mujica is scheduled to be released in January 2025.

BanG Dream! Ave Mujica 2nd teaser visual

Bang Dream! Ave Mujica is a sequel to the BanG Dream! It’s MyGO!!!! anime. Studio SANZIGEN animated the MyGo anime with Koudai Kakimoto as director. Yuniko Ayana was responsible for writing the scripts and Hitowa and Kazuyuki Ueda designed the characters. The opening theme song of the anime is titled “Hitoshizuku,” while the ending theme is titled “Shiori,” which is all performed by the band MyGo.

BanG Dream! Ave Mujica teaser trailer

The cast of the anime includes:

  • Hina Youmiya as Tomori Takamatstu
  • Rin Tateishi as Anon Chihaya
  • Hina Aoki as Rana Kaname
  • Mika Kohinata as Soyo Nagasaki
  • Koko Hayashi as Taki Shina
  • Kanon Takao as Sakiko Togawa
  • Yuzuki Watase as Mutsumi Wakaba
  • Mei Okada as Umiri Yahata
  • Rico Sasaki as Uika Misumi
  • Akane Yonezawa as Nyamu Yutenji

The franchise describes the plot of BanG Dream! It’s MyGO!!!! anime as follows:
Would you be in a band with me for the rest of your life?
It’s the end of spring of Anon’s first year at Haneoka Girls’ Academy, and almost everyone seems to be in a band.
In order to fit in with the rest of the class, Anon, who started school late, scurries to find band members, and finds out that “Haneoka’s Weirdo” Tomori has yet to join any bands.
So Anon resolves to speak with Tomori at any cost but…
Bruised and unseemly as it is, this is our music, our cry. We may be lost, but we’ll keep on moving as the lost.

BanG Dream! is a multimedia project that started in 2015 created by Bushiroad president Takaaki Kidani. The franchise’s first anime premiered in January 2017 with 13 episodes. A sequel later aired in January 2019 and a third season debuted the following year.

Source: Official Website
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