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Bartender: Glass of God Releases Character Visual for Kyoko Kawakami

The upcoming Bartender: Glass of God anime has released a character visual for Kyoko Kawakami, alongside her accompanying cocktail Horse’s Neck. She is voiced by Eriko Matsui. The anime will air on April 2024, with studio Liber animating it.

This is the third character visual released for the series, the previous being Ryu Sasakura (voiced by Takuma Terashima) and Miwa Kurushima (voiced by Yoshino Nanjo). Other characters in the series include Yukari Higuchi (voiced by Haruka Shiraishi), Yuri Kinjo (voiced by Ryoko Shiraishi), and Calvin Chen (voiced by Makoto Furukawa).

Ryoichi Kuraya will be directing the new anime, with Mariko Kunisawa beingin charge of the series composition. Meanwhile, Ueda Youichi will serve both as the chief animation director and character designer.

The Bartender: Glass of God anime is based on a manga series titled Bartender, written by Araki Joh and illustrations by Kenji Nagatomo. It was serialized by Super Jump from 2004 to 2011, with its chapters collected by Shueisha and compiled in 21 volumes. It then received an anime adaptation by Palm Studio in 2006, which ran for 11 episodes. This was then followed by a drama series back in 2011, which ran for 8 episodes.

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© Araki Joh and Kenji Nagatomo / Shueisha, Bar hoppers

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