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"Berserk" To Get A New Announcement In October

Berserk“, the popular franchise based on the manga written by Kentaro Miura, will be getting a new announcement on October 9th, 2020. It was teased on the official website, and the tagline is “The new beginning”. It is unknown what the announcement will be about. However, the fans are thinking it will either be news of a more frequent schedule or an all new anime adaptation. Although it doesn’t necessarily prove anything, the official Twitter account for the anime did retweet the news:

The manga has been ongoing since 1990, and the series got 2 anime adaptations and 3 movies so far. The first TV series had 25 episodes and aired through 1997-1998. Two of the movies were released in 2012 and retold the story of the first adaptation. The third movie came in 2013 and featured new footage beyond the TV series storyline based on the manga. Finally, the second TV series premiered through 2016-2017.

Also, here’s the full version of the awesome cover I used for the thumbnail:

Official Cover of “Berserk” Volume 38 [via Amazon]

Whatever the new “Berserk” announcement is, the fact there’s a separate web page for it gives some hope. A reminder that Anime News Network reported in June that the studio Orange (“BEASTARS”, “Land of the Lustrous”) was working on a CG remake of something “familiar”. Still, being a fan myself, I’m sure we all know not to get our hopes too far up until we see what it is. BUT, “the new beginning”… *teary eyed*

With Inuyasha and BLEACH coming back, Shaman King getting a cool looking remake, how awesome would it be if Berserk also made a strong comeback… Really hope it’s not just some game announcement!

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