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Best Opening and Ending Theme Songs of Winter 2024 Anime Season

Winter 2024 was great for anisong fans as we got so many amazing opening and ending themes. However, one song especially stood out – it marked the entire season, ranked at the top of Japanese charts, and even started an online dancing trend. Of course, that song was “Bling-Bang-Bang-Born” by Creepy Nuts, which was literally everywhere. So let’s take a look at the full results of Best Opening and Ending Theme Song polls to see where it ranked!

Best Ending Theme Song

The Dangers in My Heart Season 2 was on the top of every weekly poll this season so it doesn’t come as a surprise that “Koishiteru Jibun sura Aiseru n da” by Kohana Lam was voted as the Best Ending Theme Song of Winter 2024. “Bliss” by milet from Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End ranked second while The Apothecary Diaries’ ending song, “Ai wa Kusuri” by wacci, was third. “request” by krage, who we recently interviewed, was fourth, proving that her powerful vocal goes amazingly well with TK’s producing skills. “Konse Daikakumei” by Yui Ninomiya (Classroom of the Elite 3) completed the top five with 3.62% of the votes. A total of 9669 people voted in this poll and you can check out the full list below:

1st“Koishiteru Jibun sura Aiseru n da” by Kohana Lam13.41%
2nd“Anytime Anywhere” by milet10.88%
3rd“Ai wa Kusuri” by wacci8.49%
4th“request” by krage7.51%
5th“Konse Dai Kakumei” by Yui Ninomiya3.62%
6th“CHA∞IN” by Maaya Uchida3.6%
7th“Tokyo’s Way!” by Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku3.23%
8th“Gajumaru ~Heaven in the Rain~” by ReoNa2.8%
9th“Togetoge Sadistic” by Enormita2.79%
10th“Kienai” by The Binary2.34%
11th“Dear sunrise” by Maki Otsuki2.28%
12th“Know Me…” by Kairi Yagi2.19%
13th“Fixer” by Yui Ninomiya2.15%
14th“Suki ga Levechi” by Eleanora Hillrose (Rina Hidaka), Yumiella Dolkness (Fairouz Ai)2.13%
15th“Snow Spring” by ChoQMay1.8%
16th“Love Je t’aime” by Mahiru Coda1.54%
17th“Green jade” by ChouCho1.52%
18th“Sora ni Shimeyu” by Watashi Kobayashi1.47%
19th“Party!!” by Ryokuoushoku Shakai1.43%
20th“My Factor” by Kento Ito1.33%
21st“Raiou” by MAISONdes feat. 9Lana, SAKURAmoti1.26%
22nd“Eye Openers” by Jessica Gelinas1.25%
23rd“because” by Tei1.24%
23rd“Listen” by Maju Arai1.24%
25th“Keep Your Fire Burning” by Mao Abe1.23%
25th“Wayawayawaa!” by Asaka1.23%
27th“Scarlet” by Dazbee1.02%
28th“Magical Love” by Kiyoshi Adachi (Chiaki Kobayashi), Yuuichi Kurosawa (Ryouta Suzuki)1.01%
29th“Gift” by Kaori Ishihara0.87%
29th“Ashita wa Ashita no Kaze ga Fuku” by LEEVELLES0.87%
31st“Dareka Janai kara” by DIALOGUE+0.84%
32nd“Kokoro no Naka” by AliA0.64%
33rd“Gakkyuu Nisshi” by Ima Mulasaki0.63%
34th“Kyuusoku Juuden” by GLASGOW0.62%
35th“Hikari no Trill” by Yoshino Nanjou0.59%
36th“Aiyue” by Muto0.56%
37th“Fuwa Fuwa Party Tsurarete Happy” by harmoe0.55%
38th“Aimai Girl” by Aguri Onishi0.54%
38th“Haze” by Maika Sakuragi0.54%
40th“Hakka” by Konomi Suzuki0.52%
41st“Michibiki, Sasagete” by Jyocho0.5%
42nd”RVR~Rising Volteccers’ Rap” by Liko (Minori Suzuki), Roy (Yuka Terasaki)0.47%
43rd“Yuuyami no Uta” by KEIKO0.43%
44th“Dear Panta Rhei” by Sumire Uesaka0.4%
45th“Souen no Shouzou” by Yohei Azakami and Ryouta Suzuki0.38%
46th“Good Luck Waker” by halca0.37%
47th“You & I” by Maki Kuraki0.33%
48th“RULERS” by Novel Core0.32%
49th“Hakuchuumu” by Raon0.31%
50th“FUN☆FUN☆Wonderful DAYS!” by Ami Ishii, Moeha Nochimoto0.3%
51st“Drifters” by STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION0.26%
52nd“Yume no Naka de” by Ireisu0.25%
53rd“Aa Mujo” by Akemi (Rie Takahashi)0.22%
54th“Like a Comet” by Issei0.19%
55th“Mikansei” by zakinosuke0.17%
56th“Olivia wo Kikinagara” by Akemi (Rie Takahashi)0.14%
56th“Dakishimete” by Maaya Sakamoto0.14%
58th“Friends” by Kosame (Yume Miyamoto)0.13%
59th“Me o Tojite Oideyo” by Yamada (Yohei Azakami), Ake (Rie Takahanashi)0.12%
59th“MISSION” by Mika Nakashima0.12%
59th“SCIENCE” by Shunichi Toki0.12%
62nd“Ryouyoku no Brilliance” by Morfonica0.11%
63rd“SF Love Story” by Morita (Ryota Iwasaki), Akemi (Rie Takahashi)0.1%
64th“Silhouette Romance” by Miki Azuma (Jun Kasama)0.06%
64th“Yume o Shinjite” by Yuusha (Ryosuke Takahashi)0.06%
64th“Survival” by Yamada (Yohei Azakami) and Kazama (Jun Fukushima)0.06%
67th“Hoshizora no Distance” by Morita (Ryota Iwasaki)0.05%
67th“Nagai Yoru” by Brother Tatsu (Fukushi Ochiai)0.05%
69th“Lonely Chaplin” by Basue (Kimiko Saito), Tatsunii (Fukushi Ochiai)0.04%

Best Opening Theme Song

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that “Bling-Bang-Bang-Born” by Creepy Nuts was voted as the Best opening Theme of the Winter 2024 season with 13.24% of the votes. MASHLE’s opening was impossible to beat and so “Boku wa…” by Atarayo from The Dangers in My Heart 2 had to settle for the second place. Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End earned third place with “Haru” while “LEveL” from Solo Leveling ranked fourth. Uru’s catchy “Ambivalent” from The Apothecary Diaries was safe in the 5th spot. The Best Opening poll had 12101 voters. Check out the full list:

1st“Bling-Bang-Bang-Born” by Creepy Nuts13.24%
2nd“Boku wa…” by Atarayo11.97%
3rd“Haru” by Yorushika10.03%
4th“LEveL” by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:TOMORROW X TOGETHER7.92%
5th“Ambivalent” by Uru7.52%
6th“Minor Piece” by ZAQ4%
7th“Danger Danger” by FZMZ feat. icy3.13%
8th“My dream girls” by NACHERRY2.53%
9th“Yume no Ito” by Akari Kito2.13%
10th“UUUUUS!” by Hiroshi Kitadani2.04%
11th“Yuki no Ne” by Novelbright2.03%
12th“Another Birthday” by Shun’ichi Toki2%
13th“Namara Menkoi Gal” by Masayoshi Ooishi1.95%
14th“Hate no Nai Tabi” by Aina Suzuki1.76%
15th“Sleep Walking Orchestra” by BUMP OF CHICKEN1.74%
16th“Cure” by waterweed1.74%
17th“LOVE or HATE?” by Mayu Maeshima1.43%
18th“Love Call” by Shiyui1.31%
19th“Vengeance” by Coldrain1.28%
20th“Believer” by Yui Ishikawa1.23%
21st“Lock-On” by MAISONdes feat. Hashimero, MeguriMeguru1.17%
22nd“Kannousei Liberation” by saji1.01%
23rd“Killer Bars” by Hilcrhyme0.98%
24th“Rouge” by YU-KA0.96%
26th“Eye`s Sentry” by Uverworld0.9%
27th“Sesame” by Kroi0.87%
28th“Utopia” by Keina Suda0.85%
29th“Lover`s Eye” by Sizuk0.83%
30th“FLY” by MADKID0.74%
31st“Soumonka” by Sokoninaru0.69%
32nd“HIBANA” by MindaRyn0.66%
33rd“Easy? Hard? Shikashite Susume!” by DIALOGUE+0.65%
34th“Cotton Days” by Sizuk0.63%
35th“Massakasa Magic!” by shallm0.61%
36th“BaBang to Suizan! Bang Bravern” Ken’ichi Suzumura0.57%
37th“Halo” by yama x BotchiBoromaru0.46%
38th“Hajimete wa zenbu kimi ga ii” by Koe Ni Naranaiyo0.45%
39th“Otowa” by Taiyou to Odore, Tsukiyo ni Utae0.42%
39th“Routine Life” by Yui Nishio0.42%
39th“Shura ni Otoshite” by sajou no hana0.42%
42nd“Pon Popopon” by Kana Nakada feat. Pon no Michi All Stars0.39%
42nd“Showdown” by FIVE NEW OLD0.39%
44th“Promenade” by Ivudot0.38%
45th“Hoozuki” by Yoh Kamiyama0.36%
46th“Aire” by ARCANA PROJECT0.29%
46th“Turn the World” by Nana Mizuki0.29%
48th“Wonderful Precure! Evolution!!” by Chihaya Yoshitake0.25%
48th“Brave” by Ireisu0.25%
50th“Douka” by DeNeel0.23%
51st“Unraveling Love ~Sukoshi no Yuki~” by Mai Kuraki0.2%
52nd“Your Key” by J010.16%
53rd“Uraomote Aquarium” by otonari ft RIRIKO, Ryohei Sataka0.14%
53rd“Baby love! Baby please!” by Guil Drops0.14%
55th“Over Scientific!” by Gekkan Mousou Kagaku Henshuu-bu0.12%
56th“Anthropos” by Kanjani80.08%
57th“Kirifuda” by V.W.P0.07%
58th“Hikarakka” by Cocco0.06%

And that is it for the Best Opening/Ending of the Winter 2024 season! Which one was your favorite?

Featured image:
The Apothecary Diaries © Hyuganatsu / Imagika Inofs / The Apothecary Diaries Project
Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End © Yamada Kanehito, Abe Tsukasa / Shogakukan / Sousou no Frieren Production Committee
MASHLE: Magic and Muscles
© Hajime Komoto / Shueisha / Mashle Production Committee
The Dangers in My Heart Season 2
©Norio Sakurai / Akita Shoten / Boku Yaba Production Committee
Classroom of the Elite Season 3 © Syougo Kinugasa, Published by KADOKAWA / YOUZITSU3 PARTNERS

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