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Bishounen Tanteidan Unveils New Promotional Video

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Are you tired of waiting for SHAFT to animate another one of Nisio Isin’s works? Well, fear not, because the previously announced Bishounen Tanteidan TV anime has unveiled a new promotional video! Yes, you read that right! One of Nisio Isin’s novels is getting a TV anime adaptation by Studio SHAFT! The anime will also premiere this April 10, 2021!

You can watch the Bishounen Tanteidan promotional video below:

The new promotional video shows the main characters from the upcoming anime along with their voices! Also, in the video SHAFT teased us with their weird but amazing animation once again!

SHAFT and Nisio Isin are back with a new anime that will probably break the internet with its animation and Nisio Isin’s heavy dialogue-driven stories! If you don’t know, SHAFT animated most of Nisio Isin’s popular works such as, The Monogatari Series and the 8 episode OVA of The Zaregoto series! They also animated a short 30 seconds CM for Nisio Isin’s Bōkyaku Tantei series! There are also several anime adaptations of Nisio’s works that weren’t SHAFT job such as, Katanagatari, Juuni Taisen, and Medaka Box. Having SHAFT animating Bishounen Series is kinda nostalgic for us Monogatari fans!

To know more about Bishounen Tanteidan you can check their official website here!

Source: NisiOisiN Anime Twitter
© Nisio Isin / Kodansha / Aniplex / Shaft

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