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New Mobile Suit Gundam Arcade Card Game Announced

Do you love card games? Do you love going to arcades? And most importantly, do you love Gundam? Then, I’ve got some good news! One of the latest of the several projects of the Gundam Franchise, Mobile Suit Gundam, Has announced a new game project for the arcade! A Mobile Suit Gundam Card Game.

Mobile Suit Gundam Arsenal Base, will be the title for the new Mobile Suit Gundam Card Game! Also, did I mention that the game will be a real-time strategy game?

Bandai Card Division has opened a teaser website for the said card game! They also released a teaser visual for what the arcade machine will look like! Now, that is a cool looking arcade machine! I really can’t wait to play on this one! Bandai just proved to everyone that arcade machines are not dead yet, especially not in Japan! The game will debut in March 2021, so set your calendar pilots, because the arcades will be filled with other Gundam fans!

Gundam and Bandai aren’t stopping this year because Hathaway Flash will also be premiering this year! They also have the rest of their 7 years’ worth of projects!

To know more about the new Mobile Suit Gundam Arcade Game you can check their official website here!

Source: Gundam Arsenal Base Twitter
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