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Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall Available on Disney+ Japan

The action-fantasy anime Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall will begin streaming exclusively on Disney+ in Japan. The series is directed by Tensho and is animated by Bibury Animation Studios and Bibury Animation CG.

Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall is one of the many anime titles Disney+ had acquired an exclusive licensing for as part of their growing anime portfolio. The streaming platform first announced the list of acquired titles in October 2021, including Summer Time Rendering, Yojohan Time Machine Blues, and Twisted Wonderland.

The anime franchise previously had a 2012 anime series that was directed by Shinobu Yoshioka and Hiroyuki Imaishi. Meanwhile, animation studios Ordet and Sanzigen were responsible for the original 2012 series’ animation.

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According to the synopsis from its official website, the series is set in the year 2062, twenty years after the failure of a project to greatly automate the workforce. Artemis, the artificial intelligence at the core of the project, has chosen to fight against humanity. Meanwhile, a young girl by the name of Empress awakens. She is one of the three surviving guardians of humanity. However, she has no memory of her former life.

Empress has a mission to destroy the orbital elevator connecting the Moon and Earth, which is currently under construction by Artemis, before it is completed. Once completed, the giant mechanical army that is being mass-produced on the moon will come to Earth in droves. However, the supposed friends of Artemis, Dead Master and Strength, as well as the unmanned army of Artemis’s pawns and a cult group, try to block their path.

Excerpt from the series’ synopsis (via official website, ACN edit)

Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall airs in Japan on April 4 (23:00 JST)

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