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Blue Lock Episode 21 - Hail to the King, Hail to the One

Blue Lock episode 21 seemed like it was over before it even began. The inner monologue every single player had in this episode was drowned out by the fast pace of play and the meaning behind each goal that was scored. There wasn’t a single defining moment that this episode was built up to like the majority of the episodes before it. It was big moment after big moment in an extremely fast-paced game, leaving defense nowhere to be found, showing another reason why this series is a must-watch.

Kneel To The Crown

It didn’t take long for Baro to becoming comfortable with using Isagi to score goals. Even though the majority of the episode was focused on Isagi and Rin, Baro’s goal still hit a lot harder than any other moment in this episode and set the tone perfectly. It wasn’t a game-deciding goal, but it was just the right person at the right time with the right kind of style to really put a perfect perspective on just how this match is going.

That’s also not to take away from the fact that Baro using Isagi is what outwitted Rin in an episode where Isagi spent the entire time trying to think two steps ahead of Rin. Meanwhile, it just took an opening and a split second for Baro to throw Rin off of his game only to piss him off even more–so there’s a good side and a bad one to his goal. But between the imagery, the colors, and the always chilling voice acting from Junichi Suwabe, Baro was the highlight of this episode.

Stand In The Sun

Bachira almost felt like a spectator in this episode rather than an actual player, even though he scored a goal. But that sudden realization that he’s finally found himself in a position where he might not even belong on the same field as Isagi and Rin, despite feeling the opposite earlier in the match, paints a vivid picture. This is the first time since Bachira joined Blue Lock that he began to doubt his own abilities on the field. Every time he’s backed into a corner, Bachira usually takes the challenge head-on with a maniacal smile on his face. But being completely overwhelmed by Rin and Isagi and feeling like he doesn’t belong on the field at all is a first that can only lead to something huge.

Isagi, Chigiri, and Baro have all gone through a moment where they feel defeated only to come out of it with a unique “power up” that pushes them past their limits. The anticipation for that moment for Bachira in the next episode was built up little by little in this one. Ending it on this note was yet another perfect cliffhanger–a trait Blue Lock seems to have perfected as a series.

No Mercy From The Edge of the Blade

Of course, it’s impossible to talk about episode 21 of Blue Lock without mentioning the dynamic going on between Isagi and Rin. Having never been much of a fan of Isagi from the very beginning of the series, it’s enjoyable to watch him get beat at his own game by someone (Rin) who can do what he can do, just better. But I will credit this to Blue Lock, the series does a wonderful job at giving Isagi a ton of bumps in the road he needs to get over in order to keep advancing. Isagi’s consistent character progression never hits an unfortunate turning point. It’s just that only he knows he can take from one end of the field to the other.

Rin, on the other hand, is more than just a bump in the road for Isagi. He’s not a rival to Isagi like Baro is. He’s a different beast entirely. He’s a threat to Isagi’s entire chance to stay at Blue Lock. This episode showed he can do everything Isagi can but in a much quicker timeframe. Could it be said he’s just another fan to flame Isagi’s character progression? Sure. But the contrast I love the most between these two is that while Isagi is depending on his own teammates’ unpredictableness, Rin is puppeteering everyone in the match. In short, Isagi is depending on others while Rin is just using all of them to bend to his own will.

It’s almost kind of a cop-out for Isagi in a way as if he can’t outsmart Rin and he needs that unpredictable nature from his team in order to beat him. But those little moments of Isagi predicting his movements, despite not being quite in time, are telling that Isagi is, yet again, quickly adapting to who his opponents are–finding those missing puzzle pieces. But Rin is a sharp blade and Isagi is going to need to be the strongest shield possible to stop it.

Blue Lock Episode 21

There isn’t much to analyze and talk about other than how incredibly hype it was. As stated before, this episode was giving us goal after goal, which is rare for a Blue Lock episode. The best part about episode 21 was that it never once disregarded the plot either. It still felt like a story was progressing as we watched an exciting soccer match. The back and forth between CGI characters and 2D characters is still kind of weird but at this point, I’m used to it. The episode was great all-around, but this next one is what I’m looking forward to the most. Hopefully, Bachira gives us something incredible to witness in a few days!

Episode 21 rating: 9/10
Blue Lock episode 22 will air on Saturday, March 12. If you enjoyed Blue Lock episode 21 and the goal-crazy match it gave us then make sure to vote for it in our weekly poll!

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