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By The Grace Of The Gods Anime New Informations

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The new upcoming TV anime By the Grace of the Gods by Maho Film will start broadcasting this October. Funimation will host a premiere screening of the first episode this Friday at FunimationCon 2020. They also released the new key visual for the upcoming TV Anime along with the cast for the anime.

Official Key Visual

New Visual Key

The Official Cast For The Anime

Ryoma – Azusa Tadakoro
Eliaria – Yuuki Kuwahara
Reinhart – Ono Daisuke
Miya – Marika Takano
Gain – Motoyuki Kiyokawa
Lulutia – Kikuko Inoue
Kufo – Makoto Koichi
Takebayashi Ryoma – Yuki Yasumoto
Tabuchi – Shin Furukawa

Official Cast List

You can watch the promotional video here.

Source: Kamihiro Official Japanese Website

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