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Call of the Night Anime Preview Trailer and Images for Episode 8

Call of the Night anime released a preview trailer and images for episode 8 along with the title and synopsis. The episode will be broadcast on August 25. The title is “Come On, Guys,” which matches the title of the manga’s 23rd chapter. In addition to that, the preview images and trailer show the anime seems to be covering the manga’s 22nd, 24th, and 25th chapters, which were compiled in the 3rd volume as well. The newly released images show a new character Mahiru Seki voiced by Kensho Ono along with the protagonist Ko Yamori and his childhood friend Akira Asai.

The episode’s synopsis describes Ko Yamori’s new knowledge as follows:

Ko met vampires other than Nazuna: Seri, Niko, Midori, Hatsuka, and Kabura. What’s more, he learned that humans couldn’t become vampires forever if they didn’t within one year after they got their blood sucked for the first time…

I’ll become a vampire however many years it takes,” the protagonist Ko Yamori beings this week’s preview trailer. “But what should I do to fall in love…?” The aspiring vampire thinks of romantic feelings. “Nazuna-chan, why don’t we go on a date?!” but Nazuna Nanakusa’s decline to his suggestion concludes the video: “Nope.” You can check the 30-second long video on YouTube below:

Call of the Night Anime Episode 8 Preview Trailer

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Kotoyama has been running the Call of the Night series in Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday. The series will release its thirteenth volume on September 15, 2022. The manga was named after Creepy Nuts’ song of the same name, “Yofukashi no Uta” in Japanese. The band is performing both the opening and ending songs titled “Daten” and “Yofukashi no Uta” respectively. LIDENFILMS is animating the adaptation of the manga under Tomoyuki Itamura’s direction.

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