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Genshin Impact Reveals Sumeru Gameplay Trailer

A few hours are left before Genshin Impact’s Sumeru update goes live and a special gameplay trailer has been revealed. The trailer for version 3.0 is actually a part of the Gamescom convention.

Sumeru Gameplay Trailer

Tighnari and Collei will be the first Dendro characters in the game: Collei will be given out for free during the upcoming event while Tighnari is a 5-star character who will be joining the standard banner after his rate-up ends. The update schedule has also been revealed during the stream and the banners will be shortened to 2 weeks in the upcoming versions:

  • 3.0: August 24
  • 3.1: September 28
  • 3.2: November 2
  • 3.3: December 7

Lesser Lord Kusanali, who is the current Dendro Archon, will also be introduced, along with Cyno (the main character in the quest) and Al Haitham. Abyss Order will be making an appearance, and it seems like lore fans will also be satisfied. Lost Riches event will also be big, among the new ones and fans can expect two new artifact sets: one that boosts Dendro damage and one that focuses on elemental mastery. Voice actors for Sumeru characters are:

  • Tighnari – Sanae Kobayashi, Elliot Gindi
  • Collei – Ryoko Maekawa, Christina Costello
  • Kusanali – Yukari Tamura, Kimberly Anne Campbell
  • Al Haitham – Yuichiro Umehara
  • Dori – Tomoko Kaneda
  • Dehya – Ayaka Fukuhara
  • Nilou – Hisako Kanemoto

Source: Genshin Impact YouTube Channel

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