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Call of the Night Anime Releases Preview for Episode 1 and Sora Amamiya's Comment

Call of the Night anime released preview images for episode 1 along with a synopsis. The official Twitter account of the anime also posted a video in which Sora Amamiya (Aqua in the KonoSuba series) introduces Nazuna Nanakusa, whom she voices in the anime. The anime will premiere on July 7.

Call of the Night episode 1 is titled “Night Flight” which matches the manga’s third chapter. The preview images show two main characters, the protagonist Ko Yamori and vampire Nazuna Nanakusa.

Ko Yamori, a second-year junior high school student who “can’t sleep” goes outside at night, for the first time, without telling anyone. While walking in the town, which has a completely different atmosphere at night, an unknown person starts talking to him. That was how he encountered vampire Nazuna Nanakusa.

Sora Amamiya introduces the vampire character as “weird and mysterious, but with charisma that attracts you to follow her.” As the story goes on, the character reveals her charming points and Amamiya also mentions “childish comedy and mature parts.” “Her conversations with Ko-kun are really funny, so I’d like you to pay attention to them, too,” she added. You can watch the 54-second video on Twitter:

I talked to my chief assistant over how good Call of the Night’s OP is. I want everybody to check it soon.Call of the Night author Kotoyama tweeted on the day. The manga was named after Creepy Nuts’ song of the same name, “Yofukashi no Uta” in Japanese. The band is performing both the opening and ending songs titled “Daten” and “Yofukashi no Uta” respectively. LIDENFILMS is animating the adaptation of the manga under Tomoyuki Itamura’s direction.

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