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Chained Soldier Anime Reveals New Visual Featuring Tenka Izumo

Chained Soldier revealed a new visual featuring the 6th Squad leader Tenka Izumo, the 7th Squad leader Kyouka Uzen, and Yuuki Wakura. Episode 4 of Chained Soldier airs today with HIDIVE streaming the uncensored version. Fans can check out the full visual below.

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A new anime preview spotlighting the 6th Squad was released last week that fans can also check out below:

Chained Soldier (Mato Seihei no Slave) is an anime adaptation of the manga written by Takahiro and illustrated by Yohei Takemura that began serialization on the Shonen Jump+ online platform in January 2019. The ongoing series currently has 14 volumes released with Volume 15 set to release on February 2. Yen Press is licensing the English version of the manga and has released the first five volumes.

Chained Soldier anime synopsis via HIDIVE:
Two supernatural forces appeared simultaneously on Earth: entrances to another dimension known as Mato, and Peaches, resources that give unique abilities to women. From the Mato come Yomotsu Shuuki, dangerous monsters that leave destruction in their wake. The government’s Anti-demon Corps stands against these creatures, employing women empowered by Peaches to face the monstrous threat. Yuuki Wakura watches these forces clash from a distance, but when he unexpectedly runs afoul of a Yomotsu Shuuki, he’s rescued by Kyouka Uzen, the chief of the Seventh Unit of the Anti-demon Corp—and she sees something in him that could turn the tide of the monster incursion. Yuki holds the unique power to make Peaches more effective, but he’ll have to become Kyoka’s willing slave to join the fight against the Yomotsu Shuuki and save the world.

Source: Official Website, Official X (formerly Twitter)
© Takahiro / Yohei Takemura / Shueisha / Magic Defense Corps Public Relations Department

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