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Classroom for Heroes Anime Adaptation Announced

The official Twitter account of Dash x Bunko announced that the light novel series Classroom of Heroes is going to receive an anime adaptation. The news came with the release of the light novel’s 12th volume, but more information about the anime will become available at a later date.

You can check the official announcement below:

Announcement for the anime adaptation of Classroom For Heroes

Classroom For Heroes is a Japanese light novel series by Shin Araki. Shueisha started publishing it in January 2015 and it currently has 12 volumes with 1.4 million copies in circulation. The same publisher also started serializing a manga adaptation in the same year, which has 12 volumes as of now.

Classroom for Heroes Light Novel Volume 1

A long time ago, a powerful demon ruled over all the people and land, until a powerful hero managed to challenge him to a battle. The hero won, and humanity flourished. To prepare for future threats an elite Rosewood Academy was formed.
Today, the Academy picks best of the best and educates them on how to become heroes and protect humanity. The top student in the school is Arnest Flaming, nicknamed the “Empress of the Flame”. One day, she meets a rather annoying boy who introduces himself as Blade. She thinks this is the end of it, but when the King personally requests her to escort a new student and help him settle in, she realizes that the new student is no one but Blade.

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Source: Dash x Bunko Official Twitter Account

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