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Classroom of the Elite Year 2 Volume 8 Cover and New Illustrations Revealed

Classroom of the Elite‘s official Twitter account posted on September 27 night the cover visual for the light novel’s Year 2 Volume 8, which is slated to release on October 25 in Japan.

The newly-revealed illustration shows two students of Kakeru Ryuen’s class, his loyal class member Daichi Ishizaki sitting with a smile, together with Takeko Nishino, the female student who had the courage to talk back to the class leader and refuse his request during his inspection on classmates’ phones in Year 1 Volume 6, standing with a smartphone in her left hand. The official Twitter account says “Where in the world are they..?!” with an emoji of a bus, which suggests that they are en route to somewhere outside of the high school, such as school trip.

Classroom of the Elite Year 2 Volume 8 Cover

On September 28, the volume’s limited editions for Animate, Toranoana, Melonbooks, and Gamers were revealed. Melonbooks’ edition comes with a B4-sized deskmat with a new illustration of Kikyo Kushida in a yukata, an IC card sticker of the picture and Arisu Sakayanagi’s student ID.

Classroom of the Elite Year 2 Volume 8 Melonbooks Edition

The Gamers’ edition has two A3-sized posters. One of them shows Kakeru Ryuen, Kiyotaka Ayanokoji, and Kikyo Kushida skiing, while the other is an illustration of Hiyori Shiina from the previous volume.

Classroom of the Elite Year 2 Volume 8 Gamers Edition

The light novel’s anime adaptation, Classroom of the Elite Season 2 was supposed to release its BD and DVD Volume 1 in the same month, but pushed the release date back to December 23. The volume compiles a bonus light novel volume, a prelude to the series, titled Volume 0, which focuses on the protagonist Kiyotaka Ayanokoji’s past.

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Shogo Kinugasa is writing the story of Classroom of the Elite light novels with art by Shunsaku Tomose. The series is currently being published by Kadokawa under the light novel brand MF Bunko J. Volume 1 was released in May 2015 and the series concluded Year 1 with Volume 11.5 in September 2019. Year 1 received an anime adaptation and aired from July to September 2017. However, the full story from the light novels was not covered. In February 2022, it was announced that the anime’s 2nd and 3rd seasons will cover the remaining part of the story. Studio Lerche animated Season 2 from July to September 2022, and Season 3’s release is set for sometime in 2023.

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