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COVID-19 Seating Restrictions Lifted For The Kimetsu no Yaiba Film

Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Train, the highly anticipated film, is finally coming to Japanese theaters. The Kimetsu no Yaiba film will open on October 16, but due to the popularity of the series cinema’s websites have been crashing thanks to the tickets pre-sales. TOHO CINEMAS announced that they are lifting their seating restrictions across all of their theaters from October 16 to 18 to counter this issue.

Japanese cinemas have implemented the seating restriction in May as a precautionary measure for COVID-19. In September the government agreed to ease the restrictions on seating at film and stage theaters. All of the theaters have been allowed to host screenings and sell all seats at full capacity since September 19. However, eating is only allowed at theaters where audiences are capped at only 50%. For the upcoming week, the theaters will temporarily allow full-capacity audiences. Theaters will sell drinks, but won’t allow you to eat during a screening. Theaters advise wearing a face mask and to refrain from conversations while at the cinema.

Official Statement

The movie premieres in less than 1 day, and is already sure to break some records! That is only for Japan though, as it will get an international release some time in early 2021. There are also rumors about a second season being in production. No official news yet though, so we suggest staying skeptical until official confirmation.

You can read more about the movie here!
Source: Toho Cinemas
Thumbnail from: Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Train 1st PV

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