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d4vd Interview: The Invincible

I had the opportunity to do a follow-up interview with singer-songwriter d4vd, who recently contributed to the American animated television series Invincible about some of his recent work and influences. You can read the initial interview here.

Q: Last time we spoke about Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul, and Jujutsu Kaisen, and you’ve mentioned that you have a taste for the “high-energy action” series. I wanted to ask: is that the only “genre” that you’re taking inspiration from in regard to anime?

Q: Have you been getting more into it or are you sticking close to your roots?

Q: We’ve talked about your influences and how you like Minami and Tricot, and I think it’s interesting to hear how that contrasts between the music that you make that is really anime-inspired and more in your roots with indie.

Q: Do you ever take inspiration from soundtracks, either movies or anime?

Q: I noticed when I was listening to “Leave Her” that your songs don’t always focus on ‘you’, so to speak. There’s often an equal power between your voice and the instrumentals, which I think is a common occurrence in movies that Hans Zimmer works on. [Note: Though, this is more a film sound mixing aspect]

Q: Recently, I think your music has been expanding since the last time we talked. “2016” has a sort-of late-2000s alt-rock vibe.

Q: And “Leave Her” itself also feels a little bit shoegazey, which is kind of similar to I think Tokyo Ghoul [Note: largely referring to TK’s songs], but I don’t think that’s the inspiration behind that.

Q: You’re taking more from the stylistic beats of these songs and these creators rather than just taking samples or whatnot.

Q: Recently, you’ve also gained some traction, of course, for your contribution to a rather big animated series—that being Invincible. How does it feel to have made it into ‘mainstream’ animation?

Q: Were you a fan of the Invincible comics or show before you worked on it?

Q: Was the song made specifically for the show?

Thanks to d4vd and his team for the opportunity, it was fun to discuss anime and the influence it has on his work, and hopefully, later in the future, we can talk again.

Interviewer: Sarcataclysmal
Assistance: Tamara Lazic (AnimeCorner) / Drew Ingall (The Oriel)
Photo of d4vd in featured image: Nick Walker

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