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Delicious In Dungeon Episode 17 - Falin Is Back

Delicious In Dungeon episode 17 has to be the most gut-wrenching and soul-sucking episode of the series. With Falin taking a form that makes Shou Tucker’s abomination a cute ass puppy, this episode was literal nightmare fuel. Long gone are the days when ¾ of the party could share a delicious meal while Marcille complained about the food that she said she would not complain about; and in come the days where there’s a long road filled with therapy, serious psychological issues, and PTSD.

An Amalgamation

As Shuro and Laios continue their debate about the ethics of black magic, they’re interrupted by a monster attack. Which, while inconvenient, is at first nothing more than a delay causing minimal strife as Shuro’s team quickly dispatches the attacking monsters. And as Chilchuck and Marcille argue about the way forward while Laios and Shuro kinda angrily chill to the back, the proverbial shit hits the fan.

As one of Shuro’s teammates splatters to the ground, everyone panics about a new monster who, despite its large size, arrives so quietly that no one hears it. And with it, we finally see what became of Falin, with a grotesque body made up of a juxtaposition of human, harpy, and dragon parts. She’s now the dungeon’s top monster. And her fighting abilities are as scary as her looks.

Despite an all-out attack by several of the present adventurers, their onslaught does little to subdue Falin. And even if they were managing to put up a decent fight. As Laios mentions, should they defeat Falin, what they’ll have to fight afterward would be even more grief. But any hope for victory quickly flies out the window as Falin unleashes a wide-range attack, finishing off most of the adventurers before she escapes.

The Deep Thoughts of a Libertine

Personal growth is impossible without the introduction of challenging and often times uncomfortable ideas. One can never really understand the intricacies of life and the world around them unless one takes the time to understand the things inside of them. The beauty of fictional media is that while it does not directly influence life, it can give you an insight into things you wouldn’t think about. And through that insight, you can grow as an individual.

Delicious In Dungeon can be called an allegory on the story of man. All our victories and transgressions have only been possible because somewhere in this world, a brave soul fought something weird only to then place it in their mouth.

Hunger drove and molded us. But, within us all, there are two types of hunger: the hunger of the stomach and the hunger of the groin. And much like Shuro getting all his neurons activated when Falin ripped off her shirt after being attacked. I too felt my skin flush and chest tingle at that sight.

As a person, if I were in a life and death scenario, would I go weak at the knees and tight in the heart because a furry is flashing me? YES. Could I sit back while everyone around me is killed because I wanted a furry to flash me? Also yes. If Donkey from Shrek can give biology the middle finger, why can’t I?

The abhorrence of black magic in this show is a bit perplexing. After all, no matter the kind of magic used, the need to use animals or flesh in general seems to be present. What happened to Falin seems to be less an effect of black magic and more an effect of the Lunatic magician’s hold on the red dragon’s soul. From prior conjecture, there was a possibility that using a tainted dragon would pose more problems than using black magic.

Another issue lurking in the background is what happens after the dungeon is conquered. Kabru seems to think that whoever beats the Lunatic Magician takes his place as the master of the dungeon, but is that based on what happens in other dungeons or just this dungeon? So far we have a lot of outrage and worry, but little to no substance is found behind those concerns.

Delicious in Dungeon Episode 17 – Aftermath & Wrap-up

After Falin’s retreat, Kabru and Shuro’s healers bring back the dead. And with nothing better to do, Shuro lays into Marcille about her use of black magic. He’s so worked up over Falin’s fate that he even threatens to turn Marcille in for her crime of using black magic. Laios tries to reason with him, but the two soon devolve to monkey and hurl blows at each other.

Turns out, Shuro’s always had a gripe against Laios. To him, he’s an unwitting c-blocker. And the fact that Laios didn’t realize that made it worse. Life’s sad at times. But after trading blows, the two of them can sit down and actually talk it out, and that’s a beautiful reminder that sometimes, violence is indeed the answer.

But after all is said and done, Shuro realizes that he’s outclassed. Laios indeed has the upper hand, so he calls a retreat and heads back home. The group shares a meal together and part ways but not before Shuro lets Laios know that despite all differences, should a day come when they need help, he’d be there for them. And with that, the Delicious party heads back into the dungeon to look for Falin.

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