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Delicious in Dungeon Episode 25 - See You Again

With Delicious in Dungeon episode 25, we’ve reached the end of season one. And while we didn’t get a conclusion to the Falin problem, rest easy; season 2 is on its way. But, for now, let’s take one last dive into this tale.

With Different Bodies Come Different Problems

As the Delicious in Dungeon party still finds themselves changed into other races, the issue of age is brought up. After all, should they not be able to reverse the changeling’s effects on them, they’re stuck like that. The thing about gaining or losing possible time is that you’re not prepared for it. Your understanding of time is learned through your lifespan; increase or decrease it, and time suddenly seems out of order.

Also of importance is how long the effects of the changelings last. As Laios wonders if he can use them to change Falin into a less scary form should they be able to rescue her. However, their think tank is interrupted by a gargoyle attack. It’s not all bad though, and something good does come out of it. They realize that they’re still altered and able to change things around them because changeling spores are stuck to them. The realization leads them to victory as they link their arms to become a fairy ring and mutate the gargoyles.

On top of that, their newfound knowledge lets them gain a tastier meal, as changelings also change food. Honestly it’s a money maker. While selling changelings to have people change their race is a dud, selling them to restaurants, bakeries, or breweries, would give them a much more varied menu for a fraction of the price.

The Question of Falin

As Delicious in Dungeon episode 25 continues, the party presses further into the dungeon and comes upon a dwarven trolly, which takes them even deeper. We get more insight into the Touden siblings, and the fact that they’re in the situation they found themselves seems to be attributed to nothing more than a lack of foresight.

I’d argue otherwise. For some people, having a life filled with stability and assurances guarantees they’ll end up with a rope around their neck. There are souls out there that really just want to wonder and wander.

Here Senshi offers up what may be invaluable advice. To separate Falin, they must defeat her, eat the dragon parts, and revive only the human parts. And if eating Falin is the way to save her, everyone reading this, pray really hard on the 18 and wish for me to be reincarnated into the DunMeshi world. I’ll go jump in front of truck-kun that day at 6:00 p.m. because I really want to eat Falin. A deep-fried dragon/chicken/person sounds like KFC on meth, and that sounds heavenly.

While they panic over how to eat a dragon, it seems like an easy enough thing to do. Give me 1000 lbs of bait, put me on a BOTE board around carp and alligator gar, and I’d run through 1000 lbs of dragon meat in a week without catching a single fish. Unconventional problems need unconventional solutions. But for now, there’s a plan; all that’s left is the wait, for both the Delicious in Dungeon party and us.

Delicious in Dungeon episode 24: Goodbye Readers

Can you believe we’re six months into 2024 already? If you stuck around and read these for the past six months, thank you. I’m not a journalist, nor am I someone interested in communication; all I am is a storyteller, so it means a lot to know that people read what basically amounts to my rambling thoughts.

From me, this show gets a solid 10/10; it caters to everything I love, be that exotic foods, exploration, cryptozoology, cryptobotany, cat girls, and questionable but hot human hybrids. With dungeon exploration anime being a dime a dozen, it was so refreshing to see a show depict the reality of dungeons (or any exploration). Your supplies are the most important thing you have. No matter how strong and hardy you are, you need food, and you need the correct gear. And in times of necessity, you get both by scavenging.

Most of our disgust at food comes from a mental standpoint. We either see it as something gross or dirty, which is a shame because some of the best-tasting food looks like something a tiger shark barfed out. But the reality of it all is that you can’t know if you like something unless you try it. And that’s not true only for food, but for everything. Hopefully, this is what you take away from both Delicious in Dungeon and my little musings. Much like the second season of Delicious in Dungeon, I hope to see you again someday.

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