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Spring 2024 Anime: Where to Continue With the Manga

Now that the 2024 Spring anime season has concluded, here’s a compilation of series where you can delve deeper into the story by reading the corresponding manga. Please note that some entries might not perfectly align due to variations between the anime and manga versions. 

Rest assured; I’ve made every effort to ensure accuracy. Remember that specific series may lack a manga adaptation but could have light novels available. For this list, I’ll focus solely on manga continuations. Additionally, some beloved anime may not offer continuation options as they are based on mixed media or games. Lastly, this information pertains exclusively to anime that concluded airing during the 2024 Spring anime season.

Also, please be aware that adaptations to manga don’t always precisely follow each other’s storylines. Please exercise caution when reading and comparing it with anime. Below is the list of the chapters in alphabetical order, along with hyperlinks to official English licensors or legal reading services such as K MANGA and MANGA Plus:

You can now also vote for your favorites in our Spring 2024 Anime of the Season polls. In case you’re looking for new anime, here are the most anticipated summer shows.

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