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Dark Horse Announces Trigun Manga Deluxe Hardcover Edition, Reveals Release Date

A 672-page hardcover deluxe edition reprint of the original Trigun manga by Yasuhiro Nightow was announced by Dark Horse Comics on Monday. The singular volume will release on December 5, 2023, and is currently up for pre-order, after many requests from the fans of the franchise. Dark Horse Comics also announced that Trigun Maximum will be receiving its own hardcover deluxe edition as well: the first volume (584 pages) of five total is set to release on April 2, 2024. Both editions are starting at $49.99 retail.

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Trigun was originally serialized in Monthly Shonen Captain starting in 1995 but later moved to Young King OURs after Monthly Shonen Captain ceased to be a magazine. From there on, the title of Trigun changed to Trigun: Maximum, which the remaining 14 volumes of the series were published under (Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 were under the Trigun title). Dark Horse Comics published all of the single volumes of Trigun/Trigun: Maximum in English until they eventually release a single omnibus volume for Trigun and five omnibus volumes for Trigun: Maximum.

The synopsis of Trigun is as follows:
On the forbidding desert planet of Gunsmoke, a sixty billion double-dollar bounty hangs over the head of Vash the Stampede, a pistol-packing pacifist with a weapon capable of punching holes in a planet. Every trigger-happy psycho in creation is aiming to claim Vash dead or alive—preferably dead!—and although Vash believes in nonviolence, he won’t go down without a fight. And when Vash fights, destruction is sure to follow!

The synopsis of Trigun Maximum is as follows:
Vash the Stampede, the galaxy’s deadliest gunslinger, emerges from two years in hiding to help his beleaguered desert homeworld, Gunsmoke. But the Stampede’s many enemies have kept their motors running, and they’re back on his trail and determined to bring Vash to ground—hard! And a new crowd of bounty hunters, badasses, and braincases are also looking to cash in the sixty-billion double-dollar price tag on his head!

The manga series got two anime adaptations over the years. Studio Madhouse animated the first Trigun anime series in 1998, releasing a total of 26 episodes which are all available to watch in both subbed and English dubbed on Crunchyroll. After 25 years, Studio Orange picked up the rights to the series under Nightow’s supervision and released Trigun Stampede last season. Voice actors from the original series, in both sub and dub, ended up making appearances in Trigun Stampede, including Johnny Van Bosch who reprised his role as Vash (English).

The popularity that Trigun Stampede built up over the Winter 2023 anime season is still carrying on throughout the rest of the media in both reviews and products. Funko Pop! announced a line of Trigun figures that feature Vash, Wolfwood, Knives, and Meryl. Gamestop released a Trigun bundle that includes a t-shirt and an exclusive Funk Pop! of Vash eating a donut. A pop-up shop in Shibuya was opened. Scaled figures of Vash are also being released, including ones by Kotobukiya (left) and Pop Up Parade (right) which you can check out below.

Source: Dark Horse Comics
©2023 Yasuhiro Nightow, Dark Horse Comics LLC

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