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Date a Live IV Episode 1 - Nia Honjo Is Finally Here

Episode 1 of Date a Live IV is finally here, and we were immediately welcomed by a new character, Nia Honjo. We all know that Kurumi is searching for the first spirit that appeared on Earth 30 years ago and it is common knowledge that Kurumi might get some clues if she also looked for other spirits, especially the ones who appeared right after the first. And so, she searched for the whereabouts of the second spirit, Sister.

Season 4 of Date a Live anime starts with Kurumi successfully locating Sister, who is being tortured and held captive by the DEM. Kurumi saves her, and Sister is able to escape the DEM. At last, she can now go back to her old life.


Kurumi and Sister’s scene is just an introduction for season 4 because. One thing that stood out in the opening sequence is the overall dark atmosphere, that implies something bad might happen soon. Quite a few scenes include fighting and there is one that stands out – Origami is fighting against the “Inverse” Tohka. Inverse Tohka might be bad news, seeing how Shido barely managed to save her in the second season.

Origami fighting the “Inverse” Tohka in the opening sequence

Shido and the others also make an appearance in the season premiere. Shido just finished his check-up on Ratatoskr, and it’s the spirits’ turn now, so Shido leaves them to buy ingredients for dinner. While out, he has an unexpected encounter with a mangaka named Nia Honjo. As it turns out, this girl is no one but Sister. As noted previously, she was held captive for 5 years so she was unable to work on her manga. Nia offers to have her powers sealed because she doesn’t want to be imprisoned again. An interesting thing to note is that Origami’s parents were also murdered 5 years ago and that this is when Kotori became a spirit, so it is very likely that DEM has something to do with the transformation.

Nia Honjo, revealing herself to Shido

Though that said, even though Shido didn’t have any problems approaching Nia, it seems that sealing her powers is still not going to be that smooth, because the anime ended with Nia telling Shido that she can only love 2D characters. Well, I’m sure many fans of the anime can relate to this. Thought this is really a problem because the spirits need to fall in love with Shido before their powers can be sealed. What is Shido going to do? If you are curious, episode 2 will air on April 15, 2022, and you can watch it on Crunchyroll. Lastly, if seeing a new spirit in episode 1 of Date a Live IV made you hyped and excited, you can vote for the anime on our weekly poll.

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