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Date a Live IV Episode 3 - Saving Nia Honjo

The Date a Live IV took a dark turn in episode 3. The lives of Shido and Nia became really peaceful in the previous episodes because the DEM didn’t bother them, but that peace ended in this episode. Shido and the other spirits succeeded in creating a manga that revolves around Shido’s life and managed to convince Nia to read it with a simple competition. Though the competition is a tie, Nia still read their manga because they put a good fight, and ended up giving Shido another chance to save her.

That said, I would like to emphasize the scene in which Nia finishes reading the manga. If you noticed, the reference for the ending of the manga was the ending scene from the last episode of season 3. Studio GEEKTOYS is doing a great job when it comes to adapting all the little details.

Just as Nia told Shido that she would go on a date with him again, she suddenly transformed into her inverse form, just like what happened to Tohka in season 2. Isaac Wescott, Ellen, and a new character, Artemisa Bell Ascroft also appeared at that moment. Given the timing, we can conclude that they were the ones behind Nia’s transformation. Artemisia stabbed Nia, and Isaac was able to get her Qlipha Crystal, allowing him to wield the power of “Beelzebub”. This is a very important scene in the series because it’s a turning point in the lives of Shido and the other spirits. Isaac made it clear that his true intention is to collect the Qliphas of all the spirits so that he can obtain their demonic power. Obtaining the Qlipha of each spirit will surely kill them. That said, Isaac Wescott is now stronger than ever because of Nia’s Qlipha, and we will surely see him tormenting the lives of Shido hunting the other spirits in the future. Before he left, Isaac told them to enjoy their final days of peace.

Isaac marking Shido and the other spirit’s final days of peace

Shido managed to save Nina from death by sealing her spirit powers. This also means that Nia finally opened her heart, to Shido, a man who is not a 2D character. With this event, Nia is now part of Shido’s team and Ratatoskr. Since they are now friends, Nia revealed that she became a spirit 30 years ago. This is also a very important part because looking back in season 1, it was said that the first spacequake occurred 30 years ago, and the spirits started showing up after that. There’s a big possibility that Nia knows what happened 30 years ago since she was the second spirit to appear after the “Spirit of Origin”, whom Kurumi hunts. Nia also revealed that all spirits are former regular people, which surprised all of them.

Nia revealing the truth

It’s really shocking, especially for the Yamai sisters, Tohka and Yoshino, because all this time, they believed that they are pure spirits, who just appeared on Earth out of nowhere. The episode ended with Nia’s shocking revelation. If you are also curious about the truth in the creation of spirits, keep following the anime. Episode 4 will air on April 29, 2022, and you can watch it on Crunchyroll. Lastly, if all of the details that were revealed in episode 3 of Date a Live IV made you hyped, you can vote for the anime on our weekly poll.

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