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Date a Live V Episode 2 Takes a Dark Turn - The War Begins

Date a Live V just began and we’re already at war in episode 2. Looking back on the first four seasons, Date a Live V is very different. Seasons 1-4 revolved around Shido sealing the spirits, giving us fluffy and cute vibes. There are so many romantic scenes that are also comparable to a typical rom-com anime. The scenes before are very light and comedic, but now, it gives us a heavy feeling.

DEM preparing to attack Ratatoskr

Who would imagine that the series will have a dark turn wherein Shido, the protagonist himself, has to die at the end of Season 4? Another thing is that DEM, the antagonist of the series, is now waging a war against Ratatoskr, forcing the lives of the spirits to be at stake. It was also revealed in Season 4 that the creation of the Sepihiras to create all of the spirits in the series that we know today killed countless human lives. Tons of people were sacrificed in the past so that Nia, Kurumi, Yoshino, Kaguya, Yuzuru, Miku, Natsumi, Kotori, Origami, and Mukuro could live in the present moment.

Shido and the Spirits inside Ratatoskr preparing for war

Well, maybe the series is dark to begin with. If you are going to look back at Date a Live Season 1 episode 1, the series started with a massive Spacequake that killed 150 million people. Spacequakes occur due to the power of the Spirits. However, no spirit in the present can wield a massive power like that. Unless it has something to do with the Spirit of Origin that was introduced in Kurumi’s flashback. Now, in Date a Live V episode 2, Isaac Wescott began the war by attacking Kurumi’s forces and Ratatoskr in Tengu City.

Kurumi intercepting DEM’s attacks

Of course, Kurumi and Ratatoskr are trying their best to defend the city. They have one goal in mind—to keep Shido safe so that he won’t be killed again. As the war continues, I’m sure that many mysteries will be fulfilled, especially since Kurumi is the only spirit now that has yet to be sealed. What will happen if Shido finally seals Kurumi? To the anime watchers only, this is still a mystery, but maybe some of the answer lies in the next episode that will air on April 24, 2024, with the title, “The Resurrection of the Spirits” as the war continues. Well, Date a Live V episode 2’s happenings are really interesting and if you feel the same, you can vote for the series in our weekly poll.

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