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Date a Live IV Season Finale - The End of the Road for Shido Itsuka

Things turned upside down in the season finale of Date a Live IV. Shido was shocked by what he learned about the Spirit of Origin, Mio Takamiya in the previous episode. While still processing all of the things he learned, Nibeelcole suddenly appeared, and a battle took place. Kurumi became very tired after the battle to the point where she needed to sleep. This was very surprising and a bit strange since it is the first time Kurumi went to sleep in the whole Date a Live series. This scene also shows how naive Shido can be, since he was still trying to wake Kurumi up, thinking that everything was still normal.

To enlighten Shido, once and for all, one of Kurumi’s clones from the past appeared and told Shido that he already died. What’s worse is that he died 204 times already. This means that the DEM’s assassination plan that was being led by Nibeelcole, Artemisia, and Ellen successfully happened 204 times. It seems that Kurumi used her power to repeat the time over and over again to save Shido, which means that she already experienced the same scenarios from February 8 to 14 over 200 times. I’ve mentioned in my episode 9 review that Kurumi was the one who told Mana Takamiya that the DEM will be having an all-out attack. This answers the question of why Kurumi knows this information. It seems that in the original timeline, Ellen succeeded in beheading Shido that day.

Kurumi’s clones holding Shido’s head and body

Even though Shido has the regeneration powers of Efreet, he cannot use them when he is already dead, and being headless means that you’re already dead. This particular scenario made the spirits transform into their inverse form, except for Kurumi and this is what Isaac Wescott wants so that he can get the Qlipha crystals from the Inverse spirits, like what he did to Nia in episode 3. With this, Kurumi has witnessed the end of the world with 8 spirits going out of control without any limiters.

In Tohka’s case, her Inverse form can think on her own, which made her different from the rest. Her power surpasses all of the spirits, and she can destroy everything at her own will. In season 2, Isaac called the Inverse Tohka, “The Demon King”. Though the Inverse Tohka also participated in this Genocide, maybe because of the time she spent with Shido in season 2, and in episodes 7 and 8 of Date a Live IV. As for Kurumi’s case, she can prevent Inversion on her own using her spiritual powers. This answers why Kurumi is aware of what’s going to happen in episode 9, and that’s why she told Mana to prevent it from happening. Although after that, Shido still died 203 more times.

The beginning of Genocide

The Truth Behind Phantom and Reine Murasame

When Kurumi woke up, she left Shido, who is still shocked after learning the truth to have a meeting with her clones. Even though it’s hard to accept, the truth is Kurumi was always delaying the inevitable, and this time, she already fell asleep, which is new to all of us. It means that Kurumi is most likely at her limit. With that in mind, Phantom appeared in front of them, attempting to give advice, but Kurumi didn’t give her a chance, since she knows how cruel Phantom is. Though it seems that the two of them have a history with each other. It was finally revealed in this scene that Phantom was the one who told Kurumi about the existence of Shido in season 1. Looking back on her first appearance in the series, Kurumi just suddenly appeared out of nowhere, claiming that she knew Shido. We also learned that Phantom is also the one providing information to Kurumi, which might also be the reason why she found Nia’s whereabouts in episode 1.


Phantom’s first appearance in the Date a Live series was in season 3. When Origami was on the brink of death because of Tohka’s attacks, she gave her a Sephirah crystal, which is the reason why Origami became a spirit. Origami and Shido also met Phantom when they traveled back in time. We learned in this scene that Phantom was the one who gave Kotori a Spehirah crystal for her to become a spirit, which is the reason why Origami thought that the one who killed her parents was Kotori, only to learn that she herself was the one who did it. We already know that giving Sephirah crystals is very risky because if you’re not compatible with them, you’ll become a monster like what happened to the ones Kurumi killed in the past, including her best friend Sawa. According to Phantom, she cannot stop giving these crystals until she achieves her goal. Mio Takamiya also said the same thing to Kurumi in the previous episode.

Phantom’s deeds were indeed cruel. Some of them led to one person hating another one like in Origami and Kotori’s case, and Kurumi knew all of it. This time, Kurumi tried to settle the score with her once and for all. Phantom doesn’t look like a person. She disguises herself as a light in the shape of a human. Though with Kurumi’s abilities, her disguise wore off, and her true form was revealed, and it is Reine Murasame. Kurumi was also shocked by what she saw, and I’m sure some of the viewers of Date a Live also felt the same thing.

Reine, revealing herself as Phantom

This explains why Reine knows so many things about the spirits, and how she survived DEM’s attacks in season 2 on her own. I’ve mentioned in my episode 10 review that Reine is always calm, and the only time she got angry in the series was when they discovered that Mana’s life span was being reduced by the DEM. The events are finally connecting the dots. Mana is also a Takamiya like Mio. Reine is a being that can provide Sephirah crystals like Mio. Just what is the connection between the three of them? Is it connected to Reine’s loved one that she also mentioned in episode 10? What is Phantom and Mio’s true goal? We’ll learn more of it in the fifth season of the series, which was announced at the ending of the season finale of Date a Live IV. You can watch the entire series on Crunchyroll. Lastly, if you think that the season finale of Date a Live series made your mind blown because of the revelations, you can vote for the anime on our Anime of the Season poll.

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