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Date a Live IV Episode 10 - The Calm Before the Storm

Kurumi finally made it clear in episode 10 of Date a Live IV that she will conclude her battle against Shido on Valentine’s Day. The beginning of the episode focused on Shido and Kurumi’s exchange of foods and you would normally think that this part is not necessary for the story. The atmosphere in this scene is a bit chilling but if you tried to analyze the scenes carefully, you will notice that anything related to a cat affects Kurumi’s emotions. Of course, we can interpret this as “Kurumi just like cats”. But if you think carefully, Kurumi is the spirit who took countless lives, altered the history, refused to be sealed by Shido, freed Nia from the DEM’s headquarters and always did shady stuff behind the shadows. It would be weird if seeing a cat is all it takes for her to lower her guard.

Kurumi, staring at a cat-shaped food

Since Valentine’s Day is approaching, the other spirits are working hard to make chocolates for Shido, however, they made Shido angry because of their actions. Luckily, Reine came to visit and she managed to make Shido calm. Looking back, whenever the spirits are up to no good, Reine is always the one who helps Shido. When the spirits are not feeling well, she is the one who comforts them. She is like a mother to Shido and the spirits. The reason why Shido and the Ratatoskr always succeed in sealing the spirits is that Reine always knows what to do and how to approach a certain spirit.

Reine is always maintaining her cool and composure even if they are on the brink of death. In the entire Date a Live series, Reine only got angry once, and that’s when they discovered that the DEM was reducing the life span of Mana Takamiya. In season 2, she also survived an attack from the world’s strongest wizard, Ellen Mathers, together with DEM’s army.

Reine, calming Shido

In this episode, Yoshino also asked Reine why she calls Shido “Shin”. According to Reine, it is because she thought that his name was “Shintaro” at first. Well, if you look back at the first episode of season 1, Reine called him “Shintaro”, even though, Kotori already repeated his name countless times beside her. Shido also corrected her at that time, and it would not make any sense that she doesn’t correct her mistake.

Going back to this episode, Reine also revealed that she had a special someone before, and no one could replace him in her heart. She made it clear that he was the first and will be the last man she is going to love. Knowing Reine’s personality, even the spirits can’t believe that someone actually captivated her heart. This only means that the man Reine is referring to might be equal to Shido, or more wonderful than Shido.

Reine, telling the spirits about her loved one

It seems that there’s a lot to know more about Reine. It is still a mystery how she survived Ellen’s attacks in season 2. She might also be related to Mana Takamiya since she only got angry when it comes to her. We all know that Mana is Shido’s biological sister, which means that Shido is also a Takamiya. Isaac Wescott also called Shido, Takamiya when they first met in season 2. Because of this, I have a theory that Reine’s loved one and the fact that she is calling Shido, “Shin” are connected.

The episode ended with Kurumi, talking to her clones, implying that her future actions will be for Shido’s sake. If you want to know what will happen on Valentine’s Day, just watch episode 11 of Date a Live IV on Crunchyroll. It will air on June 17, 2022. Lastly, if Reine’s revelation in episode 10 of Date a Live IV piques your interests, you can vote for the anime on our weekly poll.

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